Software touched: gnome-panel, shares-admin, network manager, nautilus, zeitgeist.

The most important thing on the PC is what the user does on it. This will keep track of the activities, like the web history, files opened, etc.


The devices list will have a quick way to unmount or eject the device, showing also the connected but unmounted devices. The internal devices ill be separated from the external ones, allowing to stop the internals and eject the externals.

A little detail: a printer is also a device attached to the computer, so it should be treated a another device, like a camera or a usb stick; it have a list of files (the printing queque), so we could have a beter way to acces the printing queque.

User Folders

Basically a list of the folders bookmarked by the user, replacing the places menu. Also the user trash bin is showed.


A friendly way to explore network computers and shared resources, also remote folders (if any).

Connect & Share

A friendly way to share a folder on a network or make a network (domestic). Today, many users have more than one PC on their houses, so if they want to share information between computer A and B1 and then between A and B2, this is the best way to do that. This assistant takes care of configuring the correct IP (thinking on a domestic network), and making visible the "Public" folder to the other computer. this should only ask wich is going to be A and wich B.

This also, should take care to add a computer to the network if a router is beign used, assigning an available IP.

The big advantage, is that the network manager configuration is skipped and the time used to share a folder trough two PCs is less, and the process is less stressing.

This is meant to home users and is not meant to replace Samba or NFS, indeed, this assistant should implement the Samba share protocol.

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