Software touched: gnome-panel.

The start represents the favourite applications (or the most used). The star is the replacement for the "Add to panel", allowing to quickly mark the application as a most used application, this way it can be opened without navigating in the software categories.

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It also, will kepp track from the most used settings (if any) or the most used System configuration tool (if any).


To save space, first showing the categoty list. When the user selects a category, the corresponding apps will be show.

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On the second screen, the user can go back, mark the application as a frequent app (or favourite) or simply launch it.

The current HIG specification to name "Player & Volume Manager Player X", will be kept, showing also a small description of the application.

If there are too many apps to fit in the list, a numbered bar will let navigate trough thems (or maybe a scrollbar).

On the bottom is a special option, that implements Cannonical's idea of a centric place to manage installations, updates, etc.

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This clearly shows the user specific configuration.

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System wide configurations.

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