• June 13 Team's 3rd Anniversary - Merida 2009: The team, through davidhdz, organized this year's anniversary event. We had talks (and the colaboration of the GentooVE Team and the Debian Venezuela team), an ubuntu Booth, we gave away http://blog.santiago.zarate.net.ve/archives/44-Ubuntu-Socks! which Jaime Escobar donated, and few caps, and of curse Ubuntu Cds and Flyers of the team. We developed a small application to register the people that asisted, to later send them information and/or invite to next events in their area and so on. The place was provided by the ULA (Los Andes University).

  • June 17 IRC Talk Firewall y shorewall: This talk is about the use of Firewall and Shorewall for security computing. Speaker vensign. Coordinated by ntovar

  • June 26 Simon Bolivar University's Install Fest: The guys from the USB (School of computer Science) organized a small install fest, with many teams (Canaima, VOSUG, DebianVE), and they invited us!, so we traveled a little bit, to get there and spread the word!. We made about 2 full Installs, and 2 dual boot, helped some users with softwareproblems, we gave some guidance to others, and made new contacts, for futher events.

  • June 24 IRC Talk LAMP: In this talk the spokesman refer to installing of apache, mysql and php in Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Speaker vensign. Coordinated by ntovar

  • June 27 Ubuntazo #2: The Caracas Team, again wanted to Repeat the sucess of the first Ubuntazo, this time, we had another set of talks, from introduction to the internet (Browsing and chat) to OpenOffice (an overview). The people had great interest of having a more deep knowledge of OpenOffice usage, and other tools, we also had a tecnichal board outside the auditorium, with installs and TSPP (Bring your own paste), which consists of users coming with their own virgin cds/pendrives, and we give them the OS on their media, also we gave away more of these http://blog.santiago.zarate.net.ve/archives/44-Ubuntu-Socks!, cds, flyers. The place was the Simon Rodriguez Library, in caracas

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