VenkatRaghavan (robotgeek)

I have been using Linux on and off since 2002. After the Hoary release, I replaced by OS X installation with Ubuntu on my powerbook and have since never looked back. Ubuntu is an operating system I was very impressed with. (I used to use Yellow Dog Linux and Debian before. I even tried Gentoo,lol). It has a very friendly community, and makes it pretty easy to ask questions and contribute back to Ubuntu. I now run Mac OS X from within Ubuntu, thanks to the MacOnLinux project!

I have installed Ubuntu on my ibook, on my friends Toshiba laptop, another friends AMD64 machine just to test out Ubuntu on various platforms. I also run a Ubuntu server at work.

I currently use Dapper on my ibook with no current plans to upgrade!

Ubuntu Activities


The amount of time I spend on Linux has reduced dramatically since I started working. IRC time has reduced significantly, though I hope that all that will change now :).


As a part of the Ubuntu doc team, I am working on the Kubuntu Docs for Gutsy.


I report bugs which affect my setups.


Used to maintain EasyUbuntu.

Future Plans

  • Getting Kubuntu Desktop Guide in time for Gutsy!
  • Greater involvement in Documentation Team activities (and hence understanding).

My contact information


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