Plans for New Groups

I am Dan French and I want to start a LoCo team for Vermont. I have been using Ubuntu for two years as my primary operating system and have used Ubuntu to setup an LTSP-based lab in school districts. I am a Vermont school superintendent and am interested in promoting Ubuntu in the education community.

I am Paul Flint I am an early Ubuntu user. I joined the launchpad team in 2005 at UBZ in Montreal. I have done a couple of projects. These are

* Gnome Instant Nationalization

* MondoMindi Documentation Support

In order to better support the Vermont Effort, I would submit the following links:

* Vermont Libre Users Group (VTLUG)

* Barre Open Systems Institute (BOSIVT)

I share Dan's interest in LTSP classrooms, and part of the lab function at BOSIVT is to validate LTSP labs of various open source stripes.

I would like to suggest the establishment of the State LoCo as At this time I am having this site linked to the vtlug site. Also note the affiliation with the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts with which we need to maintain a very close relationship.

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