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Hey, my name is Victor Thompson. I've been using Ubuntu since probably around Breezy 5.10. Originally, I just wanted more exposure to open source platforms and operating systems. I had used Linux previously, but having just started working in software development for the first time, permanently, I wanted to ensure I had a decent *nix environment available at all times.

Overall, I hadn't been involved with the community much until 2013, when I started to help develop a number of the Core Apps on the Ubuntu Touch platform. During this time I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and the Canonical Contributors Agreement.

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My main contributions are within the Ubuntu Core Apps project. Under which I've mainly contributed to apps such as the Music, File Manager, Terminal, Clock, Calendar, Calculator, RSS Reader, Sudoku game, Dropping Letters game, and Weather apps. I've also submitted bug reports to the SDK and other platform projects, as well as developing the plugins for both the original Grilo music database bindings and the Powerd Dbus bindings. I've also developed and ported a few other 3rd party games and hope continue to do so in the future.


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