About Me

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I am a Linux Systems Analyst certified by the Linux Professional Institute and Novell, editor of Blog Seja Livre and Webdesigner with extensive experience in WordPress. I am LoCo Team leader Ubuntu-BR-SP and member of Ubuntu-BR

My first experience with Linux was on Debian in 2005, been migrating to Ubuntu in 2009. Since then I have spread the philosophy of Ubuntu and shown the incredible possibilities of use of this wonderful operating system.

Working On

  • I have widespread and encouraged Ubuntu on my blog (which today has more than 4,000 unique visits per day);

  • I have been helping new users of Ubuntu in LoCo Team Ubuntu-BR-SP

  • Helping on translations and reporting bugs on Saucy Salamander and Trust Tahr.
  • Coordinate the organization of the Ubuntu Day São Paulo - Brazil and other versions of the Ubuntu Day arround São Paulo state.

  • I join the development team of Ubuntu DCT, which is a version of Ubuntu for the Brazilian Army, and coordinate the Brazilian Army`s Free Software Migration Plan in the state of São Paulo - Brazil.

What's Next?

  • Continue supporting and helping Brazilian Ubuntu users;

  • Review more Brazilian Portuguese translations at Launchpad;

  • Continue writing posts about Ubuntu on blog;

  • Continue the local distribution of CDs (now sent to LoCo teams) and ISO images;

  • Make LoCo Team Ubuntu-BR-SP a better group and bring more peoples to the team;

  • Continue Ubuntu leading to more people and organizations;

  • Continue organizing future editions of the Ubuntu Day arround my country;


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