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Project Description

Create a brief, memorable advertisement which encourages the viewer to find out more about Ubuntu.

Microsoft dominates the desktop operating system market. Many people don't even realise that there is an alternative to Windows and certainly aren't aware that there is a FREE alternative.

Our target audience is very wide indeed. It includes people of all age groups and backgrounds. It includes people who may want to use Ubuntu for purely personal use, and those who wish to use it for business purposes. The range of Ubuntu Viral Videos submitted should reflect the variety of this target audience.

Project Objectives

An Ubuntu Viral Video should help increase the profile of Ubuntu and reinforce brand awareness. An Ubuntu Viral Video should also encourage people to install Ubuntu onto their PC.

  • The ideal advertisement should be edgy, surprising, original and emotional, and should tap into popular culture. Most of all however, someone who isn't really interested or involved in Ubuntu Linux (yet) must find your video interesting and memorable. A video of you extolling the virtues of the tickless kernel probably isn't going to find us many new users Wink ;-)

  • Don't exaggerate. There is nothing worse than someone trying Ubuntu for the first time, then discovering that it doesn't do what you said it would. Keep factual without actively finding fault (we don't want to put people off that way either)
  • Think outside of the box. There's a ton of videos out there showing compiz fusion and beryl, do we need any more? Getting people's attention means thinking outside of the box. Check out the Mac vs PC adverts, they make you want to buy a Mac without even showing you one!

Key Messages



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