As virtualization becomes more popular, we need a way to integrate new virtualization software more easily. This spec for feisty describes improvements to what we have already.


  • We aim to provide "just install it" support for an ordinary Ubuntu virtual server with the choice of KVM, OpenVZ, or XEN.
  • We will provide the infrastructure to build, package and integrate existing management tools for creating, starting, stopping and maintaining the virtualized environments.

Use Cases

  • A system administrator wants to deploy one or more physical servers partitoned into virtual machines to serve different services to his users.
  • A data center administrator wants to overhaul his existing virtualisation infrastructure and is looking at various options.
  • An Ubuntu developer wants to test the latest development snaphost of Gutsy while still having his workstation running on feisty.

Work Items


  • Port Xen to 2.6.22.
  • Synchonrize xen-3.0 up to Xen 3.1
  • Re-investigate virt-manager, make it Ubuntu/debian specific if needed.
  • Create xen metapackages.


  • Work with upstream to get openvz kernel ported to 2.6.22.
  • Synchronize openvz* with Debian
  • Create openvz metapackages.


  • why not support vserver? I've been using it for a long time and it works very well. (VáclavŠmilauer)

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