What is Ubuntu Kylin ?

The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users. We are committed to provide you with a delicate, thoughtful and fully customized Chinese user experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing a desktop user interface localized in Chinese and installing common software that Chinese users commonly use by default. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family, since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04. This is our fifth release.

What's new in Ubuntu Kylin 15.04

We are glad to announce the Release of Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (codename Vivid Vervet). In this release, we have fixed many internationalization and localization bugs in Ubuntu itself and bugs in software written by the Ubuntu Kylin team. All the work that Ubuntu Kylin team do is within the Ubuntu community and ecosystem and as such they are flowed back to Ubuntu itself naturally and everyone using Ubuntu can benefit the result of our work.

Changes since 14.10

This release is based on 3.19 linux kernel with the support of Intel Braswell SoC and initial support of Intel Skylake. Transition to systemd is also completed in this release. These applications have been updated to their latest versions: Firefox 37, Thunderbird 31.6, Chromium 41 and LibreOffice 4.4.

In 15.04, we have turned on LIM (locally-integrated menu) and "click to minimize" on by default. These two new features will make Windows users easier to adapt to the Unity user interface.

We have also released Sogou Pinyin 1.2 on Feb 2 and a subsequent bug fix update on April 14. It is not included in the image by default, but you can install it easily from the Ubuntu Kylin Software Center.

We have also integrated exfat-fuse, an exFAT driver for FUSE, so users can use this ubiquitous filesystem on USB sticks.

Besides a plethora of bugs fixed in this milestone, several Ubuntu Kylin specific packages have also been updated:

  • youker-assistant, updated to 2.0.2

    • Code has been refactored to be more modular, extensible and properly internationalized for translation.
  • ubuntu-kylin-software-center, updated to 1.3.1
    • Add user translation interface in client
    • Resources upload & download support

    • Sync App Icon from server
    • LP: #1409187: Fix the problem that error dialog will show in live mode.
    • LP: #1402953: Fix the problem that program cannot be started up.
    • Fixed the problem that interface can not receive the errorcode signal
    • Only upgradeable app,installed app can be searched in UPPAGE, UNPAGE
    • Improve the detail logic in ui (normalcard.py,detailscrollwidget.py
      • etc)
    • Fixed bug #1396051 #1396403 #1396428 #1368208 #1379117 #1373916
      • #1396041 etc
    • Icon from the server and automatically update the software.
    • Detailed interface multifunction button, the default an
      • operation, the drop-down to select other actions.
    • Submit software review rules.
    • complete list of user-based installation records login to view,
      • check a key to install the software.
    • users log loading process area to prevent repeat.
    • fixes from the search can not click on the current categories
      • (as is currently the treasure) back to the category page of the bug.
    • fixes a bug in the software display starts after unloading canceled.
    • repair function to delete all tasks logical errors.
  • ubuntukylin-theme updated to 1.3.1
    • Modified gtk theme to fix some bugs (LP: #1304891 ,LP: #1380911 ,LP: #1433502)
    • Add distributor-logo-ubuntukylin icons (LP: #1240818)
    • Move Ubuntu Kylin fcitx-qimpanel skin to this package
    • Add update-grub in .postinst and .postrm. (LP: #1415792)
    • change the unity-greeter's logo for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (LP: #1395611)
    • change the Plymouth text for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (LP: #1402468)
  • ubuntukylin-default-settings updated to 1.3.8
    • Add UKSC to default icon list.
    • Add "Searching the Dash" legal notice for Ubuntu Kylin specific
      • services.
    • Install native origin configuration for apport (LP: #1419061)
    • Apply zip GBK hack only when LANGUAGE is zh_CN
    • change the UbuntuLogo.png for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04.(LP: #1395590)

    • Remove duplicate sources.list entry for certain applications
    • Turn LIM on by default and always show menu (LP: #1412297)
    • Turn "click to minimize" on by default (LP: #1412298)
  • chinese-calendar, updated to 1.0.2
    • fixed wrong time format in English locale (LP: #1419608)
    • add dependency on libqt4-sql-sqlite (LP: #1343191)
    • Not translated content in "Launch application preference" (LP #1306863)
  • unity-china-music-scope, updated to 1.0.7
    • Fix online search option (LP: #1370353)



The 15.04 ISO can be downloaded from here.

Known Issues

Below is the list of prominent known bugs:

  • In UEFI mode, default langauge in Ubiquity language chooser is not Simplified Chinese.(bug #1380981)

  • the link of the release note is not UK introduction in the welcome page (bug #1330414)

For issues related to Ubuntu itself, please refer to the Ubuntu project at Launchpad.


Thanks to everyone involving in the development of Ubuntu Kylin, the success of Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 would the result of our joint efforts. If you want to be a contributor of Ubuntu Kylin, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/NewContributorGuide and https://developer.ubuntukylin.com.

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