Name: Walter Garcia-Fontes

Age: Born in 1956 (Montevideo-Uruguay)

City or residence: L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Country: Spain

Contact: [MAILTO]

I've been using Unix since the late 80's. Joined the Ubuntu Community with the Edgy distribution. I'm involved with the Catalan LOCO team, I help when I can.

I'm an active contributor and the moderator of the Catalan Team Ubuntu forum ( where I have tried to help and support users since 2007.

I work on Catalan translations and translation suggestions.

Helped in Catalan Ubuntu Live CD Customization.

I help in the maintenance of the web page of the Ubuntu Catalan Loco team.

I am a volunteer bug triager and participate also in the community of Ubuntu bug triagers.

===Other Contributions outside Ubuntu===

Manyex: an application to help the creation of exams in LaTeX ([WWW]

ODStatistics: A set of LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets with macros to perform statistical analysis. It is intended to be used for educational purposes. So far it includes only descriptive statistics ([WWW]

Bulmages ([WWW] I participate in the development and translation of Bulmages, and in its costumization Fapacges ([WWW] for the use in Catalonnian parental school associations


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