I'm just a lowly college student trying to get passing grades. Right now I am gearing up for OSU, evidently they have a great Computer Science and open source thing going. in 2006 the OSU LUG did a 220 foot across crop circle of the firefox web browser which makes a great desktop background picture Smile :)

TMI about me:

  • Books (as of May 2007):
    • only 6 of my 50+ books are not computer/science/tech/math related
    • 20 of the 50 are programming books
    • the rest are math/electronics related (except the 6)
  • my website that contains mostly the best of my pictures

    • and the very few interesting programs that I made.
  • Converted my Spyder paintball gun into an autococker
  • Currently employed as a machinist
  • Going to school (OSU) for a Mechanical Engineering degree

Please note that my website is not Internet Explore 6 friendly, only because IE is not CSS standard friendly. Not even IE7 (Microsoft's latest browser) is totally CSS 1 compliant... I absolutely refuse to design a second website just so that IE5 and IE6 users can properly view my website, Microsoft could have easily fixed their IE6 CSS problem in one of their service packs, but did not. I make sure that IE6 users know what they are using before telling them about my website, and how they can fix it by installing Fire Fox.

/end rant note


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