Chris "Warbo" Warburton

Hi I'm Chris and I'm an 19 year old student at the University of Sheffield in the UK. If you feel you would like to contact me then I can be reached here:

Email: <chriswarbo AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

IRC: I usually go by the name of Warbo on Freenode.

Jabber: You can reach me at warbo@jabber.org

Computing Background

I have been using computers since my Dad bought an Amiga 1200 when I was 4. I now have countless machines (many in pieces), both PCs and Amigas. I like to keep up with current technology, for instance I recently bought a Sinclair Spectrum off eBay.

I first tried GNU/Linux in summer 2004. Since then I have used RedHat9, Fedora 1, 3 and 4, Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Breezy, Dapper and Edgy as my main operating systems. I currently run Feisty on my desktop and 64bit Gutsy on my laptop.

I have also briefly tried Mandrake/Mandriva, KNOPPIX, DSL, Foresight, Gentoo, Slackware, SymphonyOS, Suse, FreeSBIE, GNU HURD, OpenSolaris, Syllable, AROS and the One Laptop Per Child's Sugar system (in Qemu).

Current Projects

I set up, and am the current president of, the Free Software Society at the University of Sheffield.

I try to add comments and ideas to the Ubuntu Wikis, but find less and less time to do so. I have taken up looking after the IdeaPool page, since it used to be a bit of a mess, which basically means I try to reduce redundancy by removing implemented ideas, merging similar ones and catagorising them to try and make it easy for people to go through.

I am mildly active in the forums and IRC (not as much as I used to, since real life is catching me up).

I have done a little contributing to the One Laptop Per Child online algebra textbook, as it is a great feeling to make such contributions and the content itself is really basic and easy to create. Once again, time is my enemy as I'd like to do more.

In Sheffield I am an active member of the Sheffield LUG and am trying to become known in the SLUGBUG group. I also try to help out at Access Space.

I am not devoting as much time to these things as humanly possible since I am starting to feel the pressure of my University courses, sorry.

Skills and Interests

My programming skills are not particularly excellent, although I have bodged together some dodgy scripts in the past, but I still like to give back to the community. I write documentation where I can (mainly on the help Wiki) and help solve easy to intermediate problems for other users.

I am quite proficient with the GIMP and Inkscape, along with traditional artistic media like watercolour and ink.

If you want me to create a little music for some project you are doing then go ahead and contact me, then wait for me to produce some awful droning rubbish and apologise. (Basically I am saying that I never got the hang of making music, even though I listen to powerful metal for 23 hours every day).


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