Personal Info

  • Name: Warren Hill

  • Languages: English

  • IRC: warren-hill on irc.freenode.net

About Me

I am a development engineer: I design hardware and also write software for embedded systems.

Outside Linux I am a keen photographer. I play a number of musical instruments and also ride and train horses.

My relationship with Linux and Ubuntu

I have long been an advocate of open source software and always try to encourage others to use it where possible.

I have been using Linux since 2004 and Ubuntu since Hardy (8.04). My main OS now is Precise(12.04) though I do have a Quantal machine for test purposes and I also use Debian (Squeeze).

I first became involved with Ubuntu support in 2011 when I discovered a bug in the html mark-up validation package. I was impressed with the speed with which this was resolved and decided it was time I started to help too. I am most active in the Launchpad answers section and try to help a few users every day.


Ubuntu Joined Launchpad in June 2011 and have been an active member in Launchpad Answers since.

Ubuntu Active on Ubuntu Forums and Ask Ubuntu.


Ubuntu Launchpad member since June 2011

Ubuntu Ubuntu member since April 2013

Ubuntu Member of : Ubuntu UK

Ubuntu Member of : Not Canonical

Ubuntu Member of : Debian GNU/Linux Users

Ubuntu Member of : Ubuntu-loco-teams

Ubuntu Member of : Launchpad Users


If you want to say something good about me feel to add it here. If you have some thing bad to say you can post that too; but contact me first.


Warren is a very active member and he has often help users on Launchpad with questions and frequently picks up where I am unable to answer to reach a successful conclusion. He is polite in his manner and I sincerely recommend him for Ubuntu membership. ActionParsnip

NikTh (nick-athens30)

I know Warren Hill from Launchpad Answers Tracker. He is very active - helpful and always kind with Ubuntu users who need help. His answers are explainable and clear. Sometimes questions can be solved with one answer (from Warren) only. I believe he would be a valuable addition to Ubuntu Community as Ubuntu Member. NikTh


I know Warren is very active at Launchpad Answers Tracker. He is always helpful, polite, to the point, and takes the time to give detailed answers for various issues. I certainly recommend him for Ubuntu membership. MarkRijckenberg

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