Ubuntu Ubuntu Hour Time and Location Pending (details) Ubuntu

Proposed Team Projects:

  • Ubuntu Global Jam event
  • Leadership elections
  • Installfest

  • Table for handing out Lucid/Meerkat CDs at University of Washington campus HUB.
  • More Ubuntu Hours

  • Start a weekly podcast of Ubuntu related news and information.
  • Convince the Washington State government to use Ubuntu and free software where possible.

Team Projects in the works:

  • Let's have a picnic for us geeks - Geeknic

Administrative Projects:

  • Add other admins/moderators to mailing list, launchpad team, IRC channel (ops), and forums.
  • Add IRC guide to wiki for people new to IRC.
    • When this is written up, this URL to connect to IRC through a web browser would probably be useful. Just need to pick a nickname and hit Connect: <<< the link is in the header - in the balloon that says HI

Completed Projects

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