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Package Name: indicator-weather

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Natty Narwhal doesn't support the Gnome Weather applet, so an indicator replacement is required. Enter: indicator-weather.


  • Shows the current weather conditions and temperature in the panel
  • Shows more information about the current weather in the indicator's menu
  • Optionally shows weather conditions and temperatures at several other locations
  • Three levels of notification - none, on weather change, on severe condition weather change


indicator-weather is available from the Ubuntu repositories. But the version in the repositories is not updated very often. To get the latest features and bugfixes, add our stable PPA: ppa:weather-indicator-team/ppa . More details about the PPA are available here.

Known regressions with PPA version:

  • None

Differences between PPA (11.05.31) and Ubuntu repo (11.04.10+repack-0ubuntu2):

  • Using dconf to store settings instead of desktopcouch - less crashes, no excessive CPU usage
  • Fixed bug preventing some users from adding their cities
  • Fixed forecast and Google icons
  • Fix for incorrect sunrise/sunset in some locations (requires manually deleting and re-adding affected locations)

Coming Features

Right now, we're working on moving from pure Python to a Python/Vala combination, which will allow the indicator to have a very swish menu.


When this lands, it will bring:

  • Configurable menu - see only the info you want to see
  • "Feels like" temperatures - Heat Index, Wind Chill, Humidex and Apparent Temperature
  • Guess your location
  • 3 day forecasts in the menu

In the long-term forecast:

  • Use Weather Underground data
  • Show radar maps

To request a new feature that's not on this list, you can register a blueprint, or simply hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or


Weather Indicator uses the Indicator framework and Python. Weather data is obtained from Yahoo or Google, and the Google Weather API is used for forecasts.

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