WebKit is an open source project, combining components from both the K Desktop Environment (KDE) project and Apple. It began as a private fork of the KDE project's HTML layout engine KHTML and JavaScript engine KJS. The small and clean codebase allowed for easier development. Both were ported to Mac OS X with the help of an adapter library and renamed WebCore and JavaScriptCore.


WebCore is a framework developed by Apple, licensed under the LGPL, to provide an HTML layout engine for Mac OS X. It is one of the two primary components of the WebKit framework (the other being JavaScriptCore). Webcore itself is a forked version of KHTML made to run on OS X without dependency on the Qt toolkit and KDE modules through the KWQ library.


JavaScriptCore is a framework that provides a JavaScript engine for WebKit implementations, and provides this type of scripting in other contexts within the Mac OS X.[6][7] JavaScriptCore is based on the combination of the KJS library (which is part of the KDE project) with the PCRE regular expression library.

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