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This spec proposes the addition of an out-of-the-box Web operating system install for Ubuntu Server, specifically focusing on EyeOS and eyeZohoSuite initially.

Release Note

Ubuntu Server now includes an out-of-the-box Web operating system (WebOS), based on EyeOS. To use the WebOS you must install a Web server and PHP.


Many businesses and schools try to supply employees with a type of portal or remote environment. A WebOS supplies unique functionality in that it can act as a remote computer using a Web browser as a thin client; such a client with a full ODF and Microsoft Office compatible document suite (similar to a self-hosted Google Docs) and e-mail system would virtually place employees in a familiar environment with an array of useful business tasks available.

Use Cases

Several use cases exist.

  • John wants to edit a proposal from a remote location. He opens his company's portal in a Web browser and logs into the WebOS. He had already previously uploaded the document to his Web environment, and simply opens it for editing right in the browser.
  • Kelly wants to check her e-mail and browse the Web from an Internet cafĂ©. She accesses the WebOS on her company's portal; on her desktop she keeps a link to Outlook Web Access, and uses that and the built-in browser to do her work; while using the built-in RSS feed reader to catch up on the latest Business and Technology news.
  • Patricia works as a technology director at a technology-oriented primary and secondary school district[1]. She implements a WebOS-based solution to allow students to access documents, work on projects, and share files.



The WebOS server component should install all requisite services, including needed Web server software and scripting languages.


Implementing this requires a number of software components:

  • EyeOS Web operating system
  • eyeZohoSuite office suite for EyeOS

UI Changes

Tasksel during an Ubuntu Server install needs to offer a WebOS Server.

Code Changes

At some point, Ubuntu may need to handle Web application installation and upgrades. MediaWiki 1.5, 1.7, 1.10, and 1.11 for example do not install straight to a working state; nor do they come with scripts to upgrade existing installations automatically. Installation in place may not provide the best solution, but we should consider an automatic upgrade script for the installation at a given path for Web applications we support in this way, including a WebOS.

Test/Demo Plan

We will implement a testing plan at beta stage. Testing will likely involve simply installing the WebOS Server.

Outstanding Issues

  • eyeZohoSuite does not supply a full-spec usable office suite like OpenOffice.org or Google Docs. The utility of a WebOS almost depends necessarily on such an application.

  • EyeOS does not yet support LDAP/Active Directory domain authentication. Enterprise environments require such functionality.

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