Create countdown banners for Intrepid:

The banners will be made available from 30 days prior to release on October 30th.

There is no issue with making a number of these available. It is not desirable to use the code name for Ubuntu 8.10. Ubuntu is for everyone, for novice users especially and Intrepid Ibex is 'insider-speak', great for our internal reference but exclusionary to new arrivals.

Other than that - go for it - the more creative the better.


8.04 countdown for syndication -

note that it is too big for most sites - should have been a standard banner size like 180x150 (standard sizes can be found here)

8.04 countdown for -

designed to mate against the masthead banner on the homepage

7.10 countdown for syndication -

7.10 countdown for -

Javascript to display them is quite simple and can be seen here - (it gets modified at release time in order to change the image from "almost ready" to "its here" when the release team gives the ok.


Put your ideas here


Here are my suggestions:

hardy_w_reflect-countdown.jpg green-countdown.jpg orange_or_yellow-countdown.jpg gray-countdown.jpg

//MadsRH (6/7/08)

I just learned that the banners above isn't the right size. So I've made some new ones in 180x150 px

gray_blue-with-cal-icon.jpg grunge-with-cal-icon.jpg grunge-countdown-banner.jpg

//MadsRH (31/9/08)


Here is my suggestion:


Updated (7/8/08)



Comment from nealmcb: thorwil - I love the counting by hands approach - very human!

It might be too esoteric or difficult to lay out, but would also be cool in other ways, to use Sign Language, which takes fewer hands: ---


Thorsten Wilms | |


Here are two banners that I've done...

binarydigit_blue_countdown.png binarydigit_brown_countdown.png

Some more - Updated 7-Sep-08


Other counter

Look here for more counter

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