The Ubuntu Wanted site is a website where people can look for a task within the Ubuntu Community. It consists of two parts, a help offered section where users can post their CV and a help needed section where team administrators can post requests for help. See for more information about the help needed part at the Blueprint. The help offered part is still under discussion.

Have also a look at the team's page: ubuntu-wanted-dev. Progress can be followed at the test website. http://ubuntu-wanted-devel.ideatorrent.org/ It's directly running from the bazaar branch; it's very unstable.


'Help Needed' part

Sense Hofstede is currently working on the admin queue for new submissions and the skill overview page.

'Help Offered' part

At the moment this part isn't being developed. When there is a working Help Needed part and there are enough people, this part could be considered again.

Technical Details

We're basing the website on Drupal 5, so the programming language we use is PHP. The database system is PostgreSQL. The current theme is the Brainstorm theme, although it's most likely going to be changed in the future.

Install locally

The following steps allow you to test the code locally, directly from the branch:

  1. Install Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL
  2. Download the code and place it somewhere in your home-directory, so you can edit it: bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-wanted-dev/ubuntu-wanted/devel

  3. Install Drupal 5 on your webserver
  4. Go to {Drupal_install_directory}/modules and make a symbolic link: ln -s {wanted_code}/module/wanted wanted

  5. Go to {Drupal_install_directory}/themes and make a symbolic link: ln -s {wanted_code}/artwork/ubuntu-theme ubuntu-theme

  6. Activate the Ubuntu Wanted theme and module in Drupal's admin interface

Useful Documentation

Useful links and documentation that could help us.

Roles within the team



Sense Hofstede


Mads Rosendahl


Nicolas Deschildre

Test site hosting and team owner

How to join

If you want to help with this website, please send an email to the ubuntu-website mailist: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-website . At the moment there isn't really a clear set of requirements. We need people that want to think with us about, want to program or design the website. See at the technical details section for the required skills. Programmers are the people we need most.

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