The goal of website localization is to make ubuntu.com recognize a visitors preferred language from their browser and guide them to help in their language provided by LoCo teams.

Release Note

The ubuntu.com website will provide a brief explanation of how to obtain help in a users preferred language based upon their browser settings.


The ubuntu.com website is currently written in English only. There is no desire to translate the website, so we use this project to guide the user in a direction to find assistance in their preferred language.

User stories



Design will be made by the team working on this project, however it must be approved by Canonical prior to implementation.

Suggested placement:



The actual implementation will be done by Canonical.

UI Changes

There will be a small box that appears on the ubuntu.com website when a visitor to the site has a preferred language setting of something other than English. This should contain very few words in the users language that points them to a page in which they can get more help in their language if such help exists.

Code Changes

Code will need to be added to the ubuntu.com website to determine the browsers preferred language setting, and then compare that language to a database of languages with more information, then outputting that information on the page.


Migration will be done by Canonical.

Test/Demo Plan

We should have a demo site setup to test the code and implementation prior to actual implementation by Canonical.

Unresolved issues

When it comes to languages that have many LoCos, how do we want to handle that? And what languages fall into this category?(Example: ES) Options:

  • One page for all of ES
  • Break it down into different dialects of ES, and if there isn't one specific to that dialect, go to default ES.

BoF agenda and discussion


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