There is a lot of web applications in apt repositories. They are nice but they use different server side languages, they got different look and feel etc.

I think that we could develop a bunch of web applications that could allow to admin Ubuntu based system (like webmin) could provide various informations about system (like webalizer), allow to manage some services and servers running on Ubuntu box - such as mysql (phpmyadmin), apache, samba, mldonkey (mldonkey-server) etc.

We could provide simple and consistent GUI that could allow to manage Ubuntu box via web browser.


It could allow to manage networked Ubuntu workstations and servers without need to learn CLI. It could be much easier for users to log into some web based admin panel and then use and manage their Ubuntu system.

Use cases

Simon has Ubuntu box but he has no any display device connected to this computer. He wants to manage this box in easy way but have no idea how to use ssh and CLI. His Ubuntu box is also too slow to run remote desktop.

Joanna is an administrator of small network in small company and needs easy and effective tool to manage all computers in network.



Ajax based rich and dynamic web applications that could show potential of gecko engine.


webuntu core package with basic infrastructure and a bunch of modules specialized to specific requirements.

  • webuntu-fspot - add an ability to publish albums and photos from fspot to local webserver
  • webuntu-mldonkey - add an ability to manage donkey downloads form internet - replace current mldonkey web interface
  • webuntu-sysinfo - web application that should provide a lot of information about system running ubuntu
  • webuntu-mail
  • webuntu-webcal
  • webuntu-webmin - redesigned and improved statics for machine and webserver running on ubuntu
  • webuntu-mysql
  • webuntu-pgsql
  • webuntu-samba
  • webuntu-network-manager
  • webuntu-printer-manager
  • webuntu-package-manager
  • webuntu-blog - easy to start blogging engine written in python running on apache2
  • webuntu-file-manager - web based file manager, inspiration -> http://ecosmear.com/relay/

  • webuntu-pim - something based on hulaproject.org and various groupware applications available on gpl license
  • webuntu-crm - web based enterprise level crm software based on vTiger CRM
  • webuntu-malone
  • webuntu-rosetta

Required tasks are:

1. provide unified visual layout for all applications with unified behaviours based on some ajax library (prototype.js or dojo or something else.

2. rewrite everyting in python

3. provide centralized authorization module for all web applications

4. develop customizable 'home page' for webuntu web applications running on http://localhost

Packages Affected


  • wwwconfig-common
  • apache2
  • apache2-common -> mod_userdir

  • php5
  • python2.4
  • zope2.9


  • webalizer
  • phpsysinfo
  • acidlab
  • phpmyadmin
  • phppgadmin
  • www-mysql
  • www-pgsql
  • mldonkey-server
  • webmin
  • apt
  • apt-proxy


We need to write code from scratch using PHP or Python as server side and Javascript, xHtml, Css, XML, XSLT on client side. To make work easier we can use prototype.js and script.aculo.us libraries that are available on MIT licenses.

First thing I would like to implement better integration with Malone and Rosetta. I would like to provide specialized form that should work as 'druid' and allow to report bugs with a lot of iformations usefull for developers.

For example - this form should provide ubuntu version, package version, some additional tags like info that bug is related with hardware.

Outstanding issues

We need to be _very_ carefull about security.

BoF agenda and discussion


UbuntuDemon : There is a really interesting and relevant thread going on in the Edgy Development section at www.ubuntuforums.org : It's time to bring Ubuntu to the enterprise http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191858


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