This is the 5th meeting of the Welsh LoCo Team, starting at 19:06 BST and finishing at 20:30 BST


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  • brobostigon
  • markjones
  • ianto
  • xray7224
  • mattgirv
  • phantomjinx
  • webpigeon
  • nullox
  • beds
  • dariusH
  • AlanBell

  • mattt


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   1 [13:06:37] <brobostigon> present
   2 [13:06:41] <markjones> Ok, Good Evening all, and welcome to the meeting!
   3 [13:06:54] <markjones> We will take a role call in a few moments
   4 [13:07:01] <brobostigon> ok.
   5 [13:07:07] <brobostigon> evening markjones
   6 [13:08:02] <markjones> for the benefit of this meeting the room will be moderated, persons wishing to speak must contact myself, ianto or brobostigon
   7 [13:08:26] <brobostigon> ok.
   8 [13:08:46] <brobostigon> markjones: +v is it?
   9 [13:08:51] <markjones> +m
  10 [13:08:55] <brobostigon> ok.
  11 [13:09:25] <markjones> I see a few new faces in the channel this evening, Let's take a moment to introduce ourselves.
  12 [13:09:40] <markjones> We'll start with brobostigon
  13 [13:10:20] <brobostigon> umm, i am an unemployed systems admin, mostlydoing user support and irc manegement here.
  14 [13:10:26] <brobostigon> and am 28.
  15 [13:11:16] <markjones> thanks brobostigon, I'm Mark, a 23 year old Welsh Language student at Bangor University, ianto?
  16 [13:11:39] <brobostigon> markjones: what is the command to +m someone, i cant remember. oplease.
  17 [13:11:58] <brobostigon> thank yuou paultag :)
  18 [13:12:24] <markjones> AlanBell, care to introduce yourself?
  19 [13:13:08] <ianto> markjones: Back
  20 [13:15:13] <markjones> ok
  21 [13:15:22] <markjones> as people are being shy
  22 [13:15:35] <markjones> we'll start on the meeting proper
  23 [13:15:49] <markjones> there are no apologies for absence
  24 [13:16:44] <markjones> [topic[ Minutes from Last Meeting - Ianto
  25 [13:16:45] <brobostigon> lets ghet things moving.
  26 [13:16:51] <markjones> [topic] Minutes from Last Meeting - Ianto
  27 [13:16:56] <ianto> Mark would like me to talk about our last meeting where I was the chair of the meeting. What we wanted to do was basically get more people onto our mailing list and use it more often, we fulfilled the objective of increasing members to our mailing list however it is still rather inactive unfortunately, this can be worked on as we do more tasks to be co-ordinated on-list.
  28 [13:17:10] <ianto> We also wanted to develop a better system to distribute our discs more efficiently across Wales through various contacts such as markjones in the North and me in the South amongst other contributors. Unfortunately we weren't able to get 10.04 LTS discs from Canonical this time around but if people do want discs they are free to send me or any other volunteer an email and we'll happily burn n post a disc.
  29 [13:17:28] <ianto> We also were wanting to speak to universities and colleges in and around Wales about Ubuntu, I've recently started to talk to Dr Iestyn Pierce of Bangor University's Computer Science Department about stuff relating to myself however hopefully I'll be able to steer the conversation towards what tools their department uses and I understand Bangor currently allows you to choose between Windows and Ubuntu on boot-up, at least in the languages
  30 [13:17:28] <ianto> department however I feel there is a lack of emphasis on using Ubuntu itself and I'll see what can be done about that.
  31 [13:17:37] <ianto> And this is just a summary of what has been discussed over the past meeting. Since that date however we've successfully finished the Ubuntu Cymru website at http://ubuntu-cym.org/ which is available bilingually.
  32 [13:18:00] <markjones> Thanks ianto
  33 [13:18:09] <brobostigon> thank you ianto :)
  34 [13:18:25] <markjones> Are there any matters arising from the last minutes?
  35 [13:18:48] <markjones> you can all speak now)
  36 [13:19:27] <markjones> ok, there are no matters arising...
  37 [13:19:34] <brobostigon> i dont have anything really,
  38 [13:19:57] <brobostigon> the website however does need updating
  39 [13:20:23] <brobostigon> someof it, looks like over 1 year old, last timei looked.
  40 [13:20:25] <markjones> [action] update website
  41 [13:20:47] <markjones> ok, next topic
  42 [13:20:52] <markjones> [topic] Ubuntu Wales and the Community - how do we stand?
  43 [13:21:05] <brobostigon> i am wrong, retraction.
  44 [13:21:39] <markjones> So, We have been working hard in developing the Ubuntu Operating System in Wales
  45 [13:22:16] <brobostigon> I have beem doing support here, on this end, and with blogging and that stuff, as i dont live in wales.
  46 [13:22:32] <markjones> the Translation team have been working hard to translate Ubuntu into Welsh, a task which is not easy!
  47 [13:22:43] <brobostigon> a rather major,
  48 [13:22:55] <brobostigon> task*
  49 [13:23:28] <markjones> and the LoCo team members have been promoting Ubuntu via Blogs, Twitter and Facebook, I gave the Facebook page a facelift and shall be adding the minutes from this meeting to there
  50 [13:23:45] <brobostigon> :) good idea.
  51 [13:24:11] <brobostigon> and identi.ca*
  52 [13:24:33] <markjones> Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=101681896541803&ref=ts
  53 [13:25:22] <ianto> Also a friend of mine owns http://ubuntucymraeg.org/ a site which blogs about Ubuntu matters in Welsh kinda like omgubuntu.co.uk, however he hasn't updated since the end of May. If we could advertise this site a bit better in Welsh language circles in may boost its status in Wales
  54 [13:25:36] <markjones> [link] http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=101681896541803&ref=ts
  55 [13:26:18] <markjones> What else as a community can we do to improve the image of Ubuntu in Wales?
  56 [13:26:33] <markjones> The floor is open to you all
  57 [13:26:48] <markjones> speak up or forever hold your peace :)
  58 [13:26:53] * brobostigon prods xray7224 
  59 [13:27:00] * xray7224 is here
  60 [13:27:27] <brobostigon> xray7224: any ideas?
  61 [13:27:48] <xray7224> urmmm
  62 [13:28:06] <xray7224> honestly, i don't know. Sorry :(
  63 [13:28:35] <mattgirv> I think focusing around education is a good way to get a foot hold. Chances are the majority of interested users will be students, and perhaps having some way to advertise this across campus's would work to your advantage.
  64 [13:28:43] <brobostigon> markjones: target groups that will specificlly be interested, like CS worker, and studants for example.
  65 [13:29:25] <markjones> [idea] focus on education, students, Computer Scientists
  66 [13:29:27] <brobostigon> and open minded people that work in CS or some kind of IT.
  67 [13:29:38] <phantomjinx> How about looking up local volunteering websites on the internet, looking for IT literate people. Such organisations who require volunteers tend to lack money so IT licenses and hardware tends to be prohibitive. If you can showcase the benefits of ubuntu and point out the lack of cost, smaller organisations may become interested
  68 [13:29:50] <phantomjinx> evening by the way
  69 [13:30:01] <ianto> Evening phantomjinx
  70 [13:30:02] <brobostigon> evening phantomjinx
  71 [13:30:06] <markjones> hello phantomjinx, and thanks for that
  72 [13:30:21] <mattgirv> And not being Welsh... I don't personally know how well the Windows translation fares, but perhaps the quality of the translation you offer could work to your advantage with Welsh denizens.
  73 [13:30:29] <ianto> phantomjinx: Do you happen to know of such organisations in the South who could be interested off the top of your head? :)
  74 [13:31:21] <markjones> mattgirv, well, the Welsh translations for Windows were done by Canolfan Bedwyr
  75 [13:31:25] <phantomjinx> well I have had this bookmarked for a while
  76 [13:31:27] <phantomjinx> http://www.volunteering-wales.net/OpportunitySearchResults.html?ua=51349&opportunityCatId=1377
  77 [13:31:54] <webpigeon> Educational institutions are sometimes mandated in what they are allowed to use (primary/secoundy), universties not so much
  78 [13:32:16] <markjones> Indeed webpigeon
  79 [13:32:19] <nullox> brobostigon? open minded ... ask markjones how open minded some comp sci students from his uni are
  80 [13:32:36] <phantomjinx> not necessarily true anymore. BECTA is being scrapped by the new coalition govt.
  81 [13:32:50] <mattgirv> Yeah, HE such as colleges and universities... but possibly in the future secondary education could also be targetted, especially given the changes in how schools are run, there may be some more flexibility there.
  82 [13:32:59] <phantomjinx> http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/may/24/becta-government-closure
  83 [13:32:59] <mattgirv> ^^
  84 [13:33:01] <brobostigon> nullox: open minded, you need to be ready to take in new ideas and information, and than analise properly.
  85 [13:33:02] <nullox> I believe local businesses will openingly deploy ubuntu if software that benefits their business exists
  86 [13:33:25] <ianto> webpigeon: Thanks to our new .gov, we have more control in what is done in our schools AIUI
  87 [13:33:54] <webpigeon> ianto, hopefully, it's just something to be aware of
  88 [13:34:06] <ianto> Or does that apply only to the English education, is education devolved to the assembly?
  89 [13:34:12] <markjones> So, How do we stand now in the community?
  90 [13:34:18] <brobostigon> nullox: we could have a chatwith the owners of "the open learning centre" that i alredy now, that do this already, ormaybe seryup something new.
  91 [13:34:55] <markjones> How many Ubuntu users do we know personally?
  92 [13:35:09] <brobostigon> nullox: the open learning centre, do work with business, with FLOSS.
  93 [13:35:24] <ianto> In real life about 15 or so, i.e. I talk to them in person more than once a month
  94 [13:35:26] <brobostigon> a dozen,
  95 [13:35:42] <ianto> Actually more like 20-odd thinking of it
  96 [13:36:12] <markjones> ok, are they involved with Ubuntu in Wales (#ubuntu-cym/cymraeg)?
  97 [13:36:19] <brobostigon> however if it is gnu/linux generally, then it is more.
  98 [13:36:44] <brobostigon> only you chaps and gals here, that considered markjones .
  99 [13:36:47] <ianto> markjones: A few sometimes frequent however they aren't really wanting to contribute or even hang out long term unfortunately
 100 [13:36:55] <xray7224> are you targeting welsh speaking people or people who just happen to reside in wales ?
 101 [13:37:02] <markjones> both
 102 [13:37:02] <ianto> xray7224: habitants
 103 [13:37:13] <markjones> habitants and speakers
 104 [13:37:44] <ianto> Actually both ignore my first statement
 105 [13:37:46] <markjones> we'll talk about how to target more people in a minute.
 106 [13:38:25] <markjones> what I'm trying to ascertain is how many people we know use Ubuntu...?
 107 [13:38:42] <brobostigon> mumbuntu here aswell.
 108 [13:38:45] <brobostigon> :)
 109 [13:38:55] <markjones> Kaia sends her apologies
 110 [13:39:00] <markjones> she will be late
 111 [13:39:05] <brobostigon> ok,
 112 [13:39:20] <ianto> 3 in my house, my girlfriend, her grandparents and then quite a few from college
 113 [13:39:32] <brobostigon> that is good ianto :)
 114 [13:39:53] <markjones> ok folks, we've been on this topic for a while now, we'll come back to it at the end
 115 [13:39:57] <brobostigon> 4 computers, over two people in mt house, run ubuntu.
 116 [13:40:10] <ianto> Can I just state one thing before we change topic markjones?
 117 [13:40:17] <markjones> sure
 118 [13:40:42] <ianto> I think that Ubuntu in Wales should focus more on a social arena which brings more users who may mature into contributors rather than searching intitially for those to contribute
 119 [13:40:58] <markjones> Indeed.
 120 [13:41:01] <ianto> *initially
 121 [13:41:10] <markjones> and that brings us on to the next topic:
 122 [13:41:12] <brobostigon> goodpoint ianto
 123 [13:41:13] <ianto> dariusH: Evening
 124 [13:41:18] <markjones> hello dariusH
 125 [13:41:19] <brobostigon> evening dariusH
 126 [13:41:27] <markjones> [topic] What can we do to improve the image of Ubuntu In Wales?
 127 [13:42:02] <markjones> so, What can we do to improve the image of Ubuntu?
 128 [13:42:07] <brobostigon> incrased positive blogging and microblogging directed inthe right direction. nativly and inenglish.
 129 [13:42:27] <markjones> please use [idea] to tag your entries
 130 [13:42:45] <brobostigon> [idea] increased positive blogging and microblogging directed inthe right direction. nativly and inenglish.
 131 [13:43:05] <beds> improving seems to mean that there's somethign wrong/lacking. What do people see as the image of ubuntu in wales now?
 132 [13:43:14] <brobostigon> ptaylor.status.net ould maybe be used.
 133 [13:43:16] <nullox> and idea's may include those other than mere "advertisement/word of mouth"
 134 [13:43:25] <nullox> ?
 135 [13:43:33] <markjones> nullox, yes
 136 [13:43:43] <brobostigon> nullox: can you elaborate ?
 137 [13:43:49] <ianto> [idea] I believe that a few of us capable enough should frequent the maes-e forum which is a Welsh language forum with a sub forum for computers and technology, I believe maes-e frequenters have helped significantly to translate Firefox
 138 [13:43:49] <nullox> [idea] target businesses with business oriented software useful to companies within Wales ... eCommerce sector / "" useful to rural businesses "".. biggest hinderance = availability of software = forced to use mainstream
 139 [13:44:03] <webpigeon> How good is the Welsh translation of Windows compired to Ubuntu?
 140 [13:44:17] <markjones> webpigeon, it was done by Canolfan Bedwyr
 141 [13:44:26] <webpigeon> ?
 142 [13:44:27] <nullox> if one can get businesses to use software available on ubuntu then people who work for those businesses use ubuntu thus ... more awareness naturally
 143 [13:44:31] <ianto> webpigeon: They are both patchy but Windows is more complete for the base system tools
 144 [13:44:36] <markjones> http://www.bangor.ac.uk/ar/cb/
 145 [13:45:42] <brobostigon> nullox: i can look at what is already being done here in england, so things that cometo mind, are CRM systems.
 146 [13:46:19] <beds> I work on a crm system
 147 [13:46:37] <markjones> [idea] talk to Computer Science 'freshers' about Ubuntu
 148 [13:46:52] <brobostigon> beds: can you elaborate on the details.?
 149 [13:46:54] <webpigeon> ianto, ah okay, if it was poor/non existant you could have used that as a selling point to people
 150 [13:47:07] <xray7224> i think possibly speak to welsh language students too about it
 151 [13:47:25] <dariusH> why compsci freshers?
 152 [13:47:54] <dariusH> they're likely to allready know, better talking to all students
 153 [13:47:56] <beds> The big thing in crm is 'social' crm - integrating crm with social media stuff like forums, stackoverflow clones, twitter, fb
 154 [13:48:03] <dariusH> good points such as a cheaper alternative
 155 [13:48:11] <dariusH> cheaper > free
 156 [13:48:18] <xray7224> usually people go to university to do something they enjoy and are passionate about, I'm sure welsh language students would love to help translate or possibly blog in welsh, etc..
 157 [13:48:19] <brobostigon> beds: floss ? or closed source ?
 158 [13:48:29] <ianto> markjones: With Canolfan Bedwyr, I see that they translate for the uni for free however since the uni computers run Ubuntu couldn't they do some in house translating for the tools that they use for free. Perhaps an option to be considered?
 159 [13:48:51] <markjones> I can certainly bring that up with them
 160 [13:49:02] <beds> We use open source but I can't see open source solutions offering anything, application-wise, for the companies that care about massive crm systems
 161 [13:49:25] <markjones> [action] talk to CB about whether they can help with translating Ubuntu
 162 [13:50:01] <markjones> [action] email IT Services at Bangor Uni and ask for the latest version of Ubuntu to be installed
 163 [13:50:01] <brobostigon> beds: something like http://www.theopenlearningcentre.com/ would suggest it does work.
 164 [13:50:15] <ianto> markjones: Is the current one non-LTS?
 165 [13:50:26] <mattgirv> beds: SugarCRM?
 166 [13:50:32] <markjones> I don't recall
 167 [13:50:44] <ianto> Okay no worries
 168 [13:52:01] <markjones> By the way: I'm going to write a constitution for Ubuntu in Wales, what has been discussed in this topic will be used to form that
 169 [13:52:24] <markjones> Has anybody got anything else they want to add?
 170 [13:52:35] <ianto> [idea] We should include the CoC in the constitution
 171 [13:52:47] <brobostigon> markjones: cann you make that an open document, so we can all review and add onto or make changes.
 172 [13:53:08] <markjones> It'll be available on Google Docs
 173 [13:53:26] <brobostigon> markjones: :)
 174 [13:53:36] <brobostigon> markjones: link me up later, please.
 175 [13:53:40] <brobostigon> ianto: good idea,
 176 [13:53:48] <markjones> Ok Folks
 177 [13:53:57] <markjones> [topic] Events
 178 [13:54:08] <brobostigon> i cant help on this one.
 179 [13:54:21] <brobostigon> reALLY.
 180 [13:54:28] <brobostigon> really*
 181 [13:54:38] <markjones> Due to timescales We could not attend this Eisteddfod in the Vale of Glamorgan
 182 [13:56:00] <markjones> I'm thinking about a) attending the 2011 Eisteddfod in Wrexham, b) holding an Ubuntu Wales Jam and c) having a stand at the Fresher's Fair at Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities
 183 [13:56:29] <markjones> What are people's thoughts on these? Can we attend any more events this/next year?
 184 [13:56:54] <markjones> Could we go along to HackSpace meetings and give a talk?
 185 [13:57:04] <markjones> The floor is open again
 186 [13:57:16] <AlanBell> sorry, I missed the start, I am AlanBell just here to observe from the -uk loco
 187 [13:57:21] <ianto> markjones: To my knowledge there aren't any hackspaces in Wales
 188 [13:57:46] <markjones> ianto, there are some on the fringes
 189 [13:57:54] <ianto> However perhaps one or two of could attend Hacio'r Iaith too
 190 [13:58:35] <ianto> It's a kinda conference on Welsh and technology with a few people who share those two interests in Wales in Aber I believe the last one was
 191 [13:58:44] <markjones> ok
 192 [13:58:48] <ianto> http://haciaith.com/beth-yw-hacior-iaith/
 193 [13:59:41] <markjones> another idea just occured to me: Could we use an online education website to teach Windows Users how to do their common tasks in Ubuntu?
 194 [13:59:52] <ianto> A moodle site?
 195 [14:00:01] <markjones> Moodle, Udemy
 196 [14:00:10] <markjones> any really
 197 [14:00:37] <ianto> I'd prefer Moodle being as it's OSS (IIRC) but I guess something like this could be started
 198 [14:01:12] <markjones> ok, what about next year's Eisteddfod?
 199 [14:01:25] <markjones> Can we get materials for it?
 200 [14:01:44] <ianto> If we build up a requried items list in time it should be no problem to gather them
 201 [14:01:56] <markjones> ok
 202 [14:02:09] <markjones> [action[ build up a requried items list
 203 [14:02:14] <markjones> [action] build up a requried items list
 204 [14:02:52] <markjones> How many of you are familiar with the Ubuntu Translation Jams and Bug Jams?
 205 [14:02:58] <ianto> o/
 206 [14:03:05] <brobostigon> o/
 207 [14:03:35] <markjones> How many of you are familiar with the Ubuntu Translation Jams and Bug Jams?
 208 [14:03:35] <xray7224> huh
 209 [14:03:39] <ianto> I believe at the last one we had about 6 people
 210 [14:03:40] <brobostigon> o/
 211 [14:03:44] <ianto> o/
 212 [14:03:50] <mattt> markjones: never attended, but yes
 213 [14:03:57] <xray7224> same as mattt
 214 [14:04:13] <webpigeon> o/
 215 [14:04:17] <brobostigon> i have attended bug jams before.
 216 [14:04:25] <mattgirv> o_
 217 [14:04:36] <ianto> I've done two now
 218 [14:04:52] <webpigeon> I have attended a bug jam
 219 [14:05:09] <webpigeon> there was ianto
 220 [14:05:12] <ianto> webpigeon: Your next one will be in Wales ;)
 221 [14:05:33] <xray7224> i could attend i just haven't in the past
 222 [14:05:36] <markjones> ok, next question: Who would be up for a Welsh Jam? Basically we gather together and do a bit of translations/bug fixing?
 223 [14:05:44] <markjones> (raise your hands)
 224 [14:05:47] <brobostigon> o/
 225 [14:06:01] <ianto> \o/
 226 [14:06:10] <brobostigon> would need to save money, and research cost.
 227 [14:06:21] <webpigeon> wales is on the county
 228 [14:06:21] <xray7224> urm i don't speak welsh but i could do bug fixing and depending on dates and location in wales but o/
 229 [14:06:43] <markjones> we could just have a social gathering for those who don't want to translate/fix buga
 230 [14:06:48] <markjones> *bugs
 231 [14:06:53] <webpigeon> other side of the*
 232 [14:06:59] * nullox raises hand
 233 [14:07:03] <xray7224> I could get a train down to wales
 234 [14:07:15] <ianto> [idea] Have an event either parallel to or on another date of the Ubuntu Jams to just get to know each other
 235 [14:07:21] <brobostigon> same here, train or coach,
 236 [14:07:27] <markjones> and it's open to English and Welsh Speakers
 237 [14:07:38] <brobostigon> :)
 238 [14:07:43] <xray7224> like i said tho depends on location :P
 239 [14:07:45] <markjones> ianto, i'm thinking in between official Ubuntu Events
 240 [14:07:46] <xray7224> in wales
 241 [14:07:47] <mattt> do people still do install fests, considering how easy it is to install linux these days?
 242 [14:07:59] <mattgirv> Gentoo do I believe.... :p
 243 [14:08:03] <xray7224> xD
 244 [14:08:04] <brobostigon> mattt: yes, it does happen.
 245 [14:08:07] <xray7224> gentoo isn't that hard
 246 [14:08:14] <markjones> [idea] install fests
 247 [14:08:16] <ianto> mattt: Perhaps on new release days
 248 [14:08:32] <markjones> Ok, what about dates?
 249 [14:08:34] <xray7224> maybe release party in wales ?
 250 [14:08:39] <xray7224> might already do them
 251 [14:08:59] <brobostigon> combine both, good idea xray7224 :)
 252 [14:09:07] <markjones> I'm thinking of around the end of September
 253 [14:09:29] <markjones> (a few weeks before the universities re-convene)
 254 [14:10:06] <markjones> unfortunately August looks to be fairly 'jam' packed for me :(
 255 [14:10:45] <markjones> Dates?
 256 [14:10:49] <brobostigon> end of september is empty right now, here, but i need to research cost, and save money. i already have a holiday with GF planned.
 257 [14:10:50] <markjones> any ideas?
 258 [14:11:14] <markjones> ianto?
 259 [14:11:17] <nullox> markjones: location?
 260 [14:11:36] <markjones> It'd be somewhere Mid Wales-ish
 261 [14:11:41] <ianto> markjones: Like Aber?
 262 [14:11:57] <markjones> Shrewsbury's got better rail links
 263 [14:12:16] <ianto> Do we have anybody near Shrewsbury?
 264 [14:12:17] <xray7224> I'll be coming from cearphilly most likely
 265 [14:12:33] <xray7224> i don't live around there but i have friends ill come see if im going down to wales
 266 [14:13:06] <xray7224> actually shrewbury is good :P
 267 [14:13:12] <xray7224> its nearish manchester (where i live)
 268 [14:13:18] <brobostigon> i have family up in north wales, i could stay with.
 269 [14:13:25] <mattgirv> I'll bring my tent.
 270 [14:13:35] <markjones> brb
 271 [14:13:40] <AlanBell> we are planning a few installfests across the UK on 10/10/10
 272 [14:13:41] <brobostigon> good idea mattgirv
 273 [14:13:47] <xray7224> I have friends in cearphilly but that seems as near as manchester from google maps so *shrugs*
 274 [14:13:55] <ianto> xray7224: You're in Manc atm? I'm in Buxton right now (near Manc)
 275 [14:14:08] <xray7224> ianto: near manchester :P but yeh pretty much
 276 [14:14:20] <nullox> yeah shrewbury is good for me also
 277 [14:14:21] <nullox> direct train
 278 [14:15:17] <xray7224> ianto: im over the opposite side of manchester to you
 279 [14:15:30] <ianto> I guess that Shrewsbury just across the border is a good place then, just a matter of dates for us
 280 [14:16:14] <phantomjinx> Can I make a request on behalf of the gtkpod project?
 281 [14:16:16] <brobostigon> shrewsbury should be ok for me then,
 282 [14:16:26] <brobostigon> fire away phantomjinx
 283 [14:16:26] <ianto> phantomjinx: Fire ahead
 284 [14:16:51] <phantomjinx> I am looking to release gtkpod 1.0 next weekend so we are currently busy doing translations for the gui
 285 [14:17:05] <phantomjinx> We currently have 11 translation po files
 286 [14:17:18] <phantomjinx> Would you like to create the .po file for welsh?
 287 [14:17:35] <ianto> [action] Help translate gtkpod upstream for next weekend
 288 [14:17:45] <ianto> markjones: ^
 289 [14:17:50] <brobostigon> :)
 290 [14:17:54] <ianto> He needs to do actions as chair I think
 291 [14:18:13] <brobostigon> i think you are right ianto
 292 [14:18:17] <xray7224> i am so coding a plugin for my irc bot that does this meeting stuff
 293 [14:18:24] <xray7224> (sorry offtopic)
 294 [14:18:30] <phantomjinx> I can set up the .po file then using poedit or similar editor, you need to translate the strings and submit the po file to the gtkpod list
 295 [14:18:50] <ianto> phantomjinx: Put the .po on the mailing list when you have it prepared
 296 [14:20:08] <ianto> [idea] Get venue in Shrewsbury
 297 [14:20:42] <ianto> Right; would the last Saturday of September be a reasonable date for you guys?
 298 [14:21:14] <brobostigon> empty here ianto.
 299 [14:21:40] <brobostigon> but i cant confirm and or commit, yet.
 300 [14:21:54] <ianto> [idea] Propose the last saturday of Sept. to the mailing list
 301 [14:22:11] <brobostigon> :)
 302 [14:22:30] <nullox> Sat, 25th Sep is ok
 303 [14:24:30] <ianto> Okay well is there anything else that you would like in the events topic since we can't change it yet?
 304 [14:24:54] <brobostigon> not that i can think of, ianto
 305 [14:26:02] <xray7224> I think 25ths a good date for me but again i can't commit to it yet
 306 [14:26:59] <markjones> [action] Help translate gtkpod upstream for next weekend
 307 [14:27:03] <markjones> back
 308 [14:27:22] <ianto> We can continue date planning on list as required
 309 [14:27:26] <markjones> ok
 310 [14:27:31] <brobostigon> ok.
 311 [14:28:04] <markjones> [topic] Any Other Business
 312 [14:28:36] <markjones> Has anybody got anything else related to this meeting?
 313 [14:28:55] <brobostigon> not that i can think of, markjones
 314 [14:29:24] <markjones> [topic] Date/Time of next Meeting
 315 [14:29:24] <ianto> I'm content as we are
 316 [14:29:47] <markjones> When shall we have our next meeting?
 317 [14:30:03] <ianto> Probably best to be after our hookup in September to be honest
 318 [14:30:13] <markjones> ok, October?
 319 [14:30:14] <brobostigon> i would suggest a resonable amount of time before 10.10 release.
 320 [14:30:36] <markjones> ok, this concludes the meeting
 321 [14:30:36] <ianto> Hmm but then again there is 10/10/10 too
 322 [14:30:41] <brobostigon> so 10.10 planning cqn happen.
 323 [14:30:46] <markjones> #endmeeting

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