When to not forward a bug upstream

Sometimes you don't need to forward a bug upstream, some of the reasons might be because:

  • Package was patched by Ubuntu to include:
    • A new feature
    • A fix

      Warning /!\ packages with local (Ubuntu) fixes can be easily identified: they have xubuntuy (where x and y are numerals) in their version string.

  • A new translation string included by the Ubuntu translations team.

  • A bug in the Ubuntu documentation.

If you want to make sure that the bug is not caused by any of those, please check the Ubuntu Patches website to see if that package contains a patch that could cause the issue.

There's also a few projects that are using Launchpad as their Bug Tracking System, in which case there's no need to start looking in another website for their bug tracker. One good example is Gwibber, in which case you might need to open a new task for the project in launchpad.

In the case of a bug in a Translation, please follow the instructions of the Translation team on How to file translation bug reports

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