Iskander REKIK



* 28 years old.
* Academic cursus : Master in Computer Security.
Master in Free Software
* Certified Security Auditor of Information Systems and communication from NASC.(National Agency of Computer Security).
* Certified StoneSOFT Firewall/VPN Engineer.
* Certified StoneSOFT Firewall/VPN Architect.

Community Involvement


* I'm doing my best to contribute to the development of the Ubuntu community mainly via LoCo Team-Tunisia
* Big supporter of the use of Free Software and follower of the philosophy of Open Source. Since my contact with Ubuntu I'm doing my best to spread its ideology in my family and professional nearby.
* Launchpad Member since: 2007-05-11
* Ubuntu-Tn Member since 2009.

Ubuntu Forums


* Ubuntu Tunisian Users and LoCo Team Members : http://tunisie.ubuntuforums.org ; Channel IRC : #ubuntu-tn on irc.freenode.ne
* Member of the Ubuntu Forums since January 1st, 2009
* Ubuntu Desktop Bugs Member since 2009-04-21
* Ubuntu GNOME Member since 2009-04-21
* Terminator User since 2009-04-21
* Launchpad Users Member since 2009-04-21
* Launchpad Beta Testers since 2009-04-21

Future Hopes


* Insure the development and the faith of ubuntu-tn.
* As an OC member of UTC'09 i hope promote the expansion of UBUNTU in Tunisia by nearly presenting it to pupils.
* Continue my involvement in the LoCo Team.

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