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I'm a long time Ubuntu user and big fan off all things electronic. I love building home automation gadgets and making things do stuff they weren't designed to do. I document my conquest over technology on my blog.

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When I first started out with Ubuntu I provided user support in the forums and on IRC for both Ubuntu itself and many of the applications available with it. I enjoyed working in the community and this helped me to decide that what I really wanted to do in my career was work a lot more with Ubuntu.

At the time of writing I have worked for Canonical for a total of three years and I have worn many hats during that time. I started off managing the delivery of the Ubuntu TV demos for CES and MWC in 2012. I worked with the design team, the Unity 2D team (as was) and we put together a great product demo, which is sadly yet to see the light of day - but I'm hopeful that it still will.

For the last year I have been managing the Desktop team. This involves aligning the team's priorities with the overall direction of Ubuntu. I regularly write about our teams work on Google+ and make sure that the community have access to all the latest goings on within our team. I have been a Track Lead at UOS for the last two summits and help to organise the schedule for my track, make sure the participants turn up and that everyone can access the hangout, as well as gathering together the results of the sessions and presenting them in the wrap up. I also do press interviews and community Q&A's to make sure that everyone knows what we are doing.

Future Goals

My biggest goal is to make the 16.04 LTS release of the desktop the best yet. We have recently added Unity 7 and Compiz engineers to the desktop team, so I want to make sure we identify the most important U7 and Compiz bugs (from the thousands that are open) and make sure we get them fixed for 16.04. I want to involve the community in this process as much as possible. We also need to make sure that the 16.04 release is as maintainable as possible. Not only because it's an LTS release, but also so we can reduce the maintenance overhead in the future. We have also been lagging behind developments in power consumption and video acceleration. I would like to see these features improved in 16.04.


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Will has been an active in Ubuntu for years and engaged with the community on social medias/lists/IRC/etc, he has made useful contributions and deserve to be added as an official Ubuntu Member -- seb128 2015-08-20 08:05:22

Bill has been a dedicated user of and contributor to Ubuntu and the comunity for many years. Way before he joined Canonical he was doing interesting things with Ubuntu and writing them down to help others; after being recruited by Canonical to join the team he ably led various projects both inside and outside the company, and I'm proud to call him my friend. Ubuntu is better off with him involved, and I heartily endorse his application to be an Ubuntu Member. -- sil 2015-08-22 16:06:26

I've worked with Will on various projects over the last 4 years since we both started at Canonical at the same time. He's passionate about ensuring we work efficiently and effectively to provide a world class platform for others to use and build upon. More recently he's been providing insights to the future direction of Ubuntu, Unity and our converged vision in a way that's easy for the media, developers and users to understand. I look forward to seeing his blog posts on Planet Ubuntu so they get wider recognition. A +1 from me. -- popey 2015-09-01 09:21:16

I've worked with Will in different situations for years, as releasing to Ubuntu what his team was working on, and now as part of the Desktop team. Will is really a passionate geek, sharing free software views and concerns like all of us do. I'm eager to see his post on planet Ubuntu and sees his next contribution to make the Ubuntu desktop the best user experience for people like us, and so, I +1 his candidature for ubuntu membership. -- didrocks 2015-09-01 12:39:02

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