Will Skora

Hi, everybody.

I hang out in the #ubuntu-doc once in a while.

There's a lot of people who try out linux and get frustrated because they ran into a problem and can't find the answer. So, they dismiss Tux and never realize what could have been [if they stayed around !] Though I was about to give up on linux [and mandrake], I stuck with it, thanks to the people at justlinux, barry, and my own determination. So, when people seem to be at wit's end, I like to help them and guide them to the information that's out there.

== The iBook era == Yes, in the summer of 2005, I broke down my allegiance with Tux [not completely] and bought an Apple iBook. I like it, honestly. The underlying unix architecture still allows me to play with the command line, though has the GUI polish that GNOME and KDE are oh so striving for Big Grin :) I wasn't sure if Linux could completely suit me for college, plus my past experiences with it have made the computer inoperable for days at a time, made me hesitant to go 100% linux. Don't worry, I'll attempt to put the PPC version of ubuntu on there eventually, so it's all good.

Location: /usa/ohio/cleveland or /usa/michigan/kalamazoo



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