I am a project analyst and developer for a consulting firms that serves healthcare and life sciences related businesses. I have been running Linux for 8 years now starting with Mandrake Version 7. I have contributed documentation under the nick "SmokesLikeaPoet" to several online forums, most significantly the Gentoo Wiki.

I started using Ubuntu 3 years ago when I found that I could get a lot more stuff done when I wasn't waiting for stuff to compile with the latest L33T CFLAGS. I'm not knocking Gentoo, I think portage is awesome, and so pythonic. I just think Ubuntu is the best system for my work style. I can't leave it alone and I'll eventually break it. Ubuntu bends, it doesn't break.

What I love about my current job is that I can use and develop FOSS, contribute back to the community, and lower healthcare costs to everyday people. Lets face it, would you rather your hospital spend it's money in the ER and OR or the latest version of M$ Office so the administrators can send multicolored memos with clippy clipart?

Feel free to contact me on my Gmail account either by email or GTalk, the user name is wfpearson.

I'm also on freenode as SLaPoet (stands for SmokesLikeaPoet although I quit smoking 2 years ago when my son was born).

Complete contact information on https://launchpad.net/~wfpearson/


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