Wine Integration

This is a current list of things needed for Wine integration in Ubuntu as of the Precise cycle.

Unity and Desktop

  • Creation of a Wine scope for the Applications Lens. The current Wine on Unity is quite bad - applications, once installed, cannot easily be found in the dash:

  • The download->double click to open experience needs guification. Users need a path to make the application executable so they can install from there. Automatic scanning with ClamAV would be nice as well.

  • Installing off of removable media needs another look: in some cases apps still do not have execute permission, and autorun support needs to be reexamined
  • Create a good right click->properties menu for individual executables. Here the user would be able to modify what windows version they run in, and whether that application should be able to make itself full screen or be forced into a particular window. Currently in order to do this a user has to mess with winecfg or run a cryptic terminal command. Making this accessible through the unity dash and launcher would also be neat.

  • Dragging a .exe file found through nautilus to the launcher should do the right thing
  • Wine applications aren't behaving the nicest with the "open-with" feature, particularly after they're uninstalled. Duplicates can appear in the menu, and there are some associations (eg Notepad with .INI) that probably shouldn't happen.

Software Center

  • Removal of Wine Apps via software center (both manually and winetricks-script installed)
  • Installation of Wine Apps via software center (script installs)

Note that proper .deb packages that depend on Wine are not "Wine apps" in this context - they're simply Ubuntu apps.

Wine for App Developers

  • Creation of a Quickly Wine shim that lets you repackage a Windows binary into a proper Ubuntu package.
  • Relevant explanation of what to do if you're a Windows developer on
  • Put one big, recognizable Windows app into Software Center as an example

Look and feel

Wine itself

  • Upstream will release a stable 1.4 some time during the Precise cycle. If there are any particular apps we need supported, now would be the time to test them and report any regressions upstream.
  • The Wine packaging needs to be multiarch compatible, and 64 bit needs to support both 32 and 64 bit Windows binaries.
  • Wine's dependencies, formerly in ia32-libs, need to be made multiarch capable as well.
  • Wine-gecko is currently a multiverse binary package and needs to be built properly on Ubuntu. This will require the packaging and inclusion of several mingw libraries in Ubuntu.
  • Wine-mono is not yet packaged, but could reasonably be before 1.4.
  • Wine's test suite needs to be run on a daily basis via launchpad. Combining it with daily drivers, daily gcc, and daily Ubuntu can also produce additional failures. Running it on both launchpad build-daemons and on physical machines will also be useful to test drivers.

Other Notes

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