Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team Member Orientation Page


By visiting this page, you have expressed that you would like to join our LoCo. A LoCo is a Local Community team to help spread Ubuntu in a specific area. The Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team's goal is to spread Ubuntu in the great state of Wisconsin.

What do we do?

Our goal is to spread Ubuntu around the great state of Wisconsin so many people can enjoy it. Below are some ideas of how that can be done:

  • Virtual meetings
  • Seminars
  • Booths at conferences
  • Ubuntu Hours
  • Casually talking to your family and friends about it

If you think of another idea, after you get settled with the LoCo, please present it so other people can use it.

What type of time commitment do you require?

It depends on how you plan to function in this group! You could participate as little as using Ubuntu and just attending the monthly virtual meetings, or you could plan large events requiring many hours of planning and preparation. But if you don't have much free time, you can still participate. On the reverse side of things, if you have many spare weekends and want to help the LoCo, by all means, share Ubuntu, or help with logistics, or something of the sort. There is always something new to do!

How do I get started?

  1. Read this page over to make sure you know what you are doing.
  2. Read the Ubuntu Code of Conduct here. Only proceed if you agree with these terms.

  3. Go to Launchpad and create an account.

  4. Use the guide here to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct virtually. It is vital that you do so. This is a contract, so read it carefully.

  5. Apply for membership on the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Launchpad page. You should be accepted within 24 hours of applying. So there is a slight waiting period. Smile :)

  6. Get familiar with IRC.
    1. Check out this guide for more details.

  7. Go to our Launchpad page and subscribe to our mailing list.
  8. Send an email to the mailing list introducing yourself. Include your IRC username, first name, last name, and the city in Wisconsin that you are from.
  9. Look through the various upcoming events and meetings and see if you can attend one. Announcements of new events/meetings will be posted on the mailing list, so stay subscribed.

  10. You are officially a member of the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team! Attend some more events and meetings to get a feel of where you want to be. Collaborate via IRC and the Mailing Lists to get general support from other members.

    1. If you are just starting out, we advise that you don't make a large event or meeting until you get a feel of how they work around here. If you still would like to do that, we highly suggest that you ask other members to help. Remember, we are all a team.

I still have a question. Where do I go?

Ask in IRC or the mailing lists. We are here to help you! Although that is the case, if it is a general Ubuntu support question, and you don't have any nearby people to help you, please join #ubuntu on IRC and ask there.

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