* Event: The first Milwaukee Ubuntu Hour was on Sept 2. This event will be on first Friday of each month. 1 attendee, may change the venue or time, and advertise more broadly. The next Milwaukee Ubuntu Hour will be October 7

* Event: Sept 3 IRC Brainstorm Triage Jam. This training session of how to triage Brainstorm ideas attracted two students, and triaged 10 ideas.

* Event: Sept 4 IRC Wisconsin Bug Jam. The training session attracted five students, and triaged 10 bugs.

* Event: This month's Madison Ubuntu Hour was Sept 17. This event is on the third Saturday of each month, and is hosted by Madison LUG. The next Madison Ubuntu Hour will be October 15.

* Event: September 26, Rick was interviewed on WXPR radio.

* Monthly Meeting: Sept 27, 8:00 CDT in #ubuntu-us-wi was postponed to Oct 5 due to bad weather causing connectivity problems for several members.

* We welcome new members. Join the Launchpad Team and the mailing list, and get involved!

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