Provide a tool to help users migrate a Wubi installation to a dedicated partition


  • Rely on existing Ubuntu CD or USB stick. Create a Ubiquity branch registered with CIA
  • When Ubiquity is started autodetect existing Wubi installations (OS-Prober -> find OS -> scan windows OS)

  • If an installation is found ask the user whether they want to migrate or they want to do a fresh installation
  • Show the partitioning page disabling options that are inappropriate (such as wiping the full disk or the partition hosting wubi)
  • Confirmation Page
  • mount partitions and clear if necessary (i.e. normal bottom half of partman)
    • Have to take care of /host /usr /home partitions and mount them accordingly (i.e. mount root.disk, then read fstab, then mount other disks.)
  • copy - potential checksumming will depend on method of copying:
    • (see components/install which calls scripts/install.py)
    • dd + resize filesystem (only if we have a sane method of dding a sparse file)
    • file-level copy as usual in ubiquity
  • skip all extra setps except grub installation
  • regenerate fstab from scratch
  • remove lupin-support package
  • install grub package and do usual grub installation
  • regenerate initramfs
  • (post-install) Notify the user that they can remove Wubi from the Windows side.

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