The X Window System is a critical component in the Ubuntu operating system. X is not without its bugs, but fortunately debugging X issues is not rocket science.

The vast majority of Ubuntu X issues fall into one of several distinct categories, and based on the way they manifest, there are several different tactics that can be employed in a nearly paint-by-numbers fashion to isolate them.


  1. X Reporting - How to create good X bug reports

  2. X Triaging - How to ensure new X bug reports have enough info to troubleshoot

  3. X Symptom Tagging - Standard tags to use for flagging symptoms

  4. X Backtracing - How to collect a backtrace for an X crash

  5. X Upstreaming - Forwarding X bugs to their upstream project

  6. X Glossary - Explanations for confusing terms often seen in logs and error messages

  7. X Crash Fixing - How to fix X crashes

  8. X Quirks - Fixes for some common hardware-specific issues

  9. X Troubleshooting - How to analyze X bugs to make them solvable

  10. X/Bisecting - Using bisection techniques to solve regressions or backport fixes

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