Plans for continuing maintenance of X packaging in Dapper, or, 'care and feeding of your modular tree'.


The modular tree of X has just been introduced to Dapper. As Dapper is to be supportable for quite some time, and we're new to the modular-tree-maintenance game, we need to carefully manage X in Dapper.


  • X protocol packages: x11proto-*-dev
  • X library packages: too many to enumerate
  • X servers: xorg-server, xserver-kdrive (universe)
  • Xorg configuration: xorg
  • Xorg DDX drivers: xserver-xorg-(driver|input)-*
  • Mesa libGL and DRI drivers: mesa


  • Continue updating from release tarballs when released through to the release of R7 in December. Future bugfix updates on a case-by-case basis.
  • Updates from CVS where appropriate and where stability won't be harmed. As with any other package, the maintainer must use their judgement as to what is and isn't appropriate; this spec cannot and will not attempt to dictate common sense.
  • Ubuntu patches to be committed upstream ASAP. This has been done already by DanielStone (one patch in-tree as opposed to 320,000 lines of patches from Warty), but needs to be done on a rolling basis.

  • List of supported input drivers to be sanitised according to relative use. Some may be demoted to universe; most should simply be removed from the default installation?
  • Unify Mesa packaging with Debian. (Mostly done -DanielStone)

  • Ensure we don't do anything stupid with the X server/driver packages that would be a showstopper for Debian's adoption of same; consultation with David Nusinow on Debian side needed.
  • Clean up Xorg configuration (xserver-xorg.{config,postinst}.in) so it's maintainable for people other than daniels. Right now it's a horrible mess (two people on the planet know what NOPROBE and DOPROBE mean, why they're so incredibly different, and how to change it), and tweaks even by the people who know it often shatter previously working configurations.

Outstanding issues

  • Which input drivers do people still use? DanielStone thinks: not many.


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