About Me

My real name is Alejandro Armesto but I prefer you to call me Xandru. I work as a teacher in a Primary School in Asturies (Spain) so I'm specially interested in educational software.

I focus my activities for Ubuntu specially on training courses, conferences and talks on it. I normally work with primary and secondary teachers.


  • Launchpad Profile.

  • Email: xandru(at)softastur(dot)org
  • IRC: xandru_armesto (irc.freenode.net). I'm usually on:
    • #softastur
    • #ubuntu-ast

You can contact me and track my activity with Softastur and Ubuntu on:


Activities (sort by date)

Future plans

  • Training curses for teachers in Asturias/Asturies.
  • Promote the use of free software in teaching.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of asturian language in Edubuntu and Ubuntu.
  • Coordinate translations in Gnome and Launchpad.
  • Begin a local program for using Free Software in teaching situations.


By Xuacu

  • (ast) Toi d'alcuerdu colos méritos de Xandru, ye un candidatu bonu enforma pal ast-council.
  • (es) Estoy de acuerdo con los méritos de Xandru, es un candidato muy bueno para el ast-council.
  • (en) I agree with all the merits of Xandru, he's a very good candidate for ast-council indeed. --- xuacusk8 2011-07-28 00:47:06

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