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Discuss what needs to be done for Xen in the hardy time frame.

Release Note

Ubuntu's implementation of Xen needs to be stable enough in order for it to be used reliablity in the data center. It also needs to be easier to manage by using 3rd party tools such as xen-tools.

For the desktop, Xen must be easy to use in order to setup xen guests. Easy setup of xen guests can be beneficial for the users day to day work.


In order for Xen to be easy to use, Xen has to be easy to use in order to setup for both the user and desktop.

Use Cases

  • ISP A wants to setup Xen to charge customers for mass virtual hosting for web sites.
  • User B wants to setup Xen in order to use Windows programs under Ubuntu.
  • ISP C wants to setup Xen to run serveral virtual machines with different services on each one.



  • Kernel 2.6.23/24 with xen
  • Xen 3.2
  • Xen-tools with Ubuntu customizations.


  • Port redhat's kernel patch from 2.6.22 to 2.6.23/24.
  • Package Xen 3.2 (expected release in november)
  • Modify xen-tools so that Xen guests can be created even easier.
  • Create a xen-meta package.
  • Create documentation

UI Changes

  • Specific changes needed to xen-tools in order for it to function effectively for Ubuntu

Code Changes

  • Changes to the hardy kernel as a patch.
  • Changes to xen-tools to make it work more effectively for Ubuntu.



Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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