Xubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04

Known Issues

NOTE: The fglrx driver is now deprecated in 16.04, and it is recommended to use its open source alternatives (radeon and amdgpu). Common known issues can be found on the Ubuntu Release Notes.

The existence of a bug in these notes does not imply they will affect everyone. Some appear in specific circumstances

Installer Issues

  • (1366546) Ubuntu doesn't provide \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI for UEFI systems

  • (1447038) Shutdown/Restart of live session guest does not work in Virtualbox, and VMWare. This bug continues to affect virtual machines - once the guest has finished and appears to hang press Enter - this should remove the iso, shutdown and restart the guest. (various bug numbers reflect this issue)

General Issues

  • (792085) Automatic remount of safely removed usb 3.0 drive

  • (1359689) cryptsetup password prompt not shown

  • (1530323) The input box for editing a Wired connection static IP address doesn't appear correctly

Xubuntu Issues

  • (1516237) Mugshot crashes when trying to capture image (camera currently disabled)

  • (1568604) Mouse cursor lost when unlocking (appears to only affect Intel GPU)(workround:switch to vt1 then back to vt7)

  • Thunar: we are aware of issues with Thunar crashing with, amongst others, renaming, copying and drag drop. The issue is being looked at upstream. Currently we have two patches applied to Thunar, which while not completely fixing the issue do ameliorate it.
    • (1311926) Thunar file order changes when renaming

    • (1512120) Thunar crashes on file renaming

    • (1514912) Thunar crash while copying

    • (1540186) Thunar crash while dragging and dropping

Changes and Bug Fixes

As Xenial Xerus (16.04) will be the next LTS, changes and bug fixes include those seen in 14.10 to 16.04 releases.

  • Changes

    • 14.10
      • New Xfce Power Manager plugin is added to the panel
      • Items in the alt-tab dialog can now be clicked with the mouse
      • Change from gksudo to pkexec, pkexec policy files included for thunar and mousepad
    • 15.04
      • New/Updated Xubuntu Light/Dark colorschemes in Mousepad, Terminal
      • Mousepad colorscheme set to Xubuntu Light by default
      • Better appearance for QT applications out of the box (default to GTK theme)
      • Xfce4 Panel Switch for backup and restoration of panels. Included are 5 preset panel layouts.

    • 15.10
      • LibreOffice Calc and Writer are now included. These applications replace Gnumeric and Abiword respectively.

      • A new theme for LibreOffice, libreoffice-style-elementary is also included.

      • Greybird accessibility icons for window manager.
    • 16.04
      • GNOME Software replaces Ubuntu Software Center. (NOTE: To install non-gui applications you will need to use other methods. (1562158))

      • Community wallpapers package added
      • The Albatross, Bluebird and Orion GTK+ themes have been dropped after going unmaintained
  • Bug Fixes

    • Catfish

      • (1300158) [feature request] add a "search" button

      • (1372165) Catfish Opens Previous Directory on Search List

      • (1442559) Catfish does not find files whose size exceeds 2GB

      • (1447045) Close window with (standard) CTRL-Q

      • (1461072) Can not drag and drop multiple files

      • (1482919) Catfish will lock up if 'locate' is not installed

      • (1495098) Obsoleted thumbnails directory

      • (1507765) Catfish fails to update database

      • (1508918) Deleting multiple files from search results

      • (1514018) Catfish calculates end date in custom range incorrectly

      • (1523164) Double quadruple clicking folder results behaviour

      • (1547807) Need to click in empty space for right click options to work

    • Mousepad

      • (1267958) mousepad always prints line numbers

    • Mugshot

    • xfce4-power-manager

      • (1101982) inconsistent settings for lock screen between xfce4-session and xfce4-power-manager

      • (1193716) Xfce Power Manager does not override the screen saver timeout (X11 Screen Saver extension)

      • (1222021) [SRU] xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events

      • (1347272) Several XFCE applications appear unresponsive after communicating with a daemon

      • (1349056) xfce4-power-manager doesn't suspend on lid closed (regression)

      • (1363223) xfce4-power-manager outdated on-line help

      • (1364505) System Tab power saving tab unreadable

      • (1303736) [SRU] Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid

    • Menulibre

      • (1306999) When search results are shown, saving modifications breaks the menu structure

      • (1307000) Menu structure view always has everything expanded after search

      • (1307469) missing menulibre icon in the xfce-settings-manager

      • (1309468) Can't add the "X-Xfce-Toplevel" category to existing items

      • (1313682) Can't hide entries sourced from /usr/share/applications/kde4/

      • (1313586) move items up & down, can't save, undo/redo, revert

    • Thunar

      • (1382977) [SRU] Thunar open default not respecting mimetype

      • (1387695) File size displayed wrong

      • (1424774) Unable to expand directories in the tree pane and remain in the current directory

      • (1439288) thunar crashes on drag drop file/folder

    • Parole

      • (1309951) Parole reports "Gstreamer backend error, could not initialise supporting library"

      • (1489533) Parole freezes when you try to close it

      • (1557349) Parole does not hold the media frame when paused in fullscreen mode

    • shimmer-themes

      • (1303937) Dialog buttons have no space between them

      • (1448487) Shimmer-theme Greybird does not get along with LXAppearance

      • (1552518) Linked toolbar buttons do not draw correctly in Greybird

      • (1556027) GTK3 file menus show thick lines

    • lightdm-gtk-greeter

      • (1398619) No indicators displayed when systemd-sysv is installed

      • (1458933) No volume control on screen lock - Volume goes to 100%

      • (1533200) Black background at first login

    • xubuntu-artwork

      • (1508192) Mousepad - highlights hard to see

      • (1571317) Wireless lock icon shows white against white


Major Application Set

Other Applications

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