Release Notes for Ubuntu Studio 16.04 Xenial Xerus

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Please see XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/16.04.1 for the 16.04.1 change summary.

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Getting Ubuntu Studio Xenial Xerus (16.04)

Download a Disk Image

Instructions for burning the image to a DVD or USB flash drive can be found on the Burning ISO Howto.

Check MD5SUM for the downloaded ISO

It is recommended to check your image file so your installation goes smoothly. Compare your MD5 checksum with the correct ones found alongside the images.

Changes for this LTS release (compared to previous LTS)

  • Adoption of the whisker menu
  • Desktop setup is more closely synced with Xubuntu in this release which results in a change in many of the preinstalled packages in our desktop meta.

  • New font: Droid has been replaced by Noto.
  • The categorization in the menu has changed from 5 categories down to 3 - audio, graphics and video. Photography is now available as a subcategory under graphics.

  • The application ubuntustudio-controls is now functional and able to administer realtime privilege for users.

  • Ubuntu has followed Debian in moving from libav back to ffmpeg.

  • Special notice for ardour - there is now only one ardour in the archive now, and it is version 4. The package ardour3 only exists as a transitional package and depends on ardour.

  • New selection of desktop backgrounds made by the winners of the community wallpaper-contest.

Changes in multimedia package selection since 14.04 Trusty

  • New meta packages ubuntustudio-audio-core and ubuntustudio-desktop-core

  • Added petri-foo and x42-plugins

  • Removed lv2fil

Changes in multimedia package selection since 15.10 Wily and 14.04 Trusty

  • ubuntustudio-font-meta renamed to ubuntustudio-fonts

  • Added jack-tools and kid3-qt

  • Single pd packages have been replaced by multimedia-puredata which depends on lots of pd packages

  • dvdstyler replaced with devede

Known Problems

  • recordmydesktop output is corrupt - video glitching out (1531852)

  • First entry of the boot-menu "Try UbuntuStudio without installing" does not get translated into the chosen language (1550186)

  • parole crashing with SIGSEGV in cogl_matrix_entry_ref() (1550198)

  • ImageMagick Entries not working in whiskers menu (1550210)

  • Scribus defaults to 10.15 Saturday Night BRK Regular font (1550216)

  • Phatch freezing when starting and crashing when dropping an image on the window (1527314)


Ubuntu Studio Xenial Xerus (16.04) is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and will be supported for 3 years.

Contact Us

Ways to contact the Ubuntu Studio Team are listed here

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