Meeting minutes for Xubuntu community meeting on July 12, 2008 @ 1300 UTC

  • Jim Campbell presented a draft plan to update the Xubuntu website.
  • Jim Campbell, Charlie Kravetz will work on structure / content, Cody Somerville and John Levin will work on technical drupal/php.
  • The website team will meet weekly for now, Tuesdays at 1800 UTC.
  • The Xubuntu Strategy Document will be presented to the Ubuntu Community Council for approval on July 15, 2008.
  • Status of xfce4.6 was discussed; it was agreed to include the latest stable xfce for intrepid, which at this time is 4.4. Then optionally include 4.6 in the ppa if it hasn't been released / isn't massively broken.
  • Status of including gnome/gtk version of goffice/gnumeric will be investigated further by Gauvain Pocentek; decision pending.
  • Cody Somerville presented a proposal to integrate fusesmb into xubuntu.

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