Meeting information

Meeting summary

Items carried on

  • Open action items from previous meeting
    • astraljava to send information on the Xubuntu QA meeting - DONE (astraljava, 15:04:25)
    • astraljava to look at enabling/disabling compositor - PENDING (astraljava, 15:04:45)
    • pleia2 and knome to work on marketing products is in progress, I made some edits to Xubuntu/Marketing this past week but still need to gather content for fliers (pleia2, 15:06:35)
    • pleia2 to raise publicity on triaging, testing and docs - no updates here (pleia2, 15:06:55)
    • ochosi to send more information on Greybird and a request for feedback to ML - PENDING (ochosi, 15:09:08)
    • information on Greybird has been distributed through the website and google+ so far, mailinglist will follow shortly (ochosi, 15:09:39)

Team updates

  • development
  • Quality Assurance
    • We had our QA meeting last Sunday, the minutes of which can be read at: (astraljava, 15:13:20)
    • LINK: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2012-June/008252.html (astraljava, 15:13:38)

    • We have again a similar meeting this coming Sunday, details can be found on the minutes above. (astraljava, 15:14:11)
    • Loosely, new testers were guided on how to do quality assurance, how to follow the testcases, where to get images to be tested etc. (astraljava, 15:14:50)
    • It was agreed that the testcases need more refinery. Related to that, we just had the Ubuntu QA community meeting. Agreed on there was that each point in testcase is critical, meaning if any of them fails, the whole test fails. (astraljava, 15:16:02)
    • There's also going to be new testcases, and a new interface for administering them, for flavors as well. More news about this when the thing develops. (astraljava, 15:16:52)
    • We have had a few tests done on the images (thanks hobgoblin, others!), but I need to gather a bit more data on how we're doing. This is more important to the upcoming milestone release, Alpha-2 next week. (astraljava, 15:17:47)
  • Marketing, Promotion
    • knome mentioned it in passing last week, but we have a LinkedIn Xubuntu Users group now which is linked on the website and marketing page (with contact info for admins): http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Xubuntu-Users-4058113 (pleia2, 15:21:35)

    • I have some stickers to give away, but I'm going to blog about that on my personal blog and keep the "how to make stickers" stuff on the Products page (pleia2, 15:22:24)
    • ACTION: pleia2 to review "target audience" as "marketing target audience" on the Marketing page (ochosi, 15:24:17)

  • Artwork
    • Greybird has been reworked and a blog post on the website has informed people about some of the changes (ochosi, 15:25:03)
    • Our icon-theme will also need a few tweaks, but we'll have to wait for our first (alpha) release to be able to test (ochosi, 15:26:03)
  • General updates
    • Anyone who is interested in translation work, we need new translations for lp:catfish-search (bluesabre, 15:38:27)
    • LINK: https://launchpad.net/catfish-search (bluesabre, 15:38:33)

    • ACTION: bluesabre to send email to our MLs calling for translations for lp:catfish-search (ochosi, 15:39:01)


  • there's a review underway of the Xubuntu Strategy Document (ochosi, 15:43:26)
  • An email has been sent by knome to the ML (ochosi, 15:43:44)
  • LINK: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2012-June/008253.html (ochosi, 15:43:50)

  • The community is asked to give feedback on the review (ochosi, 15:44:17)
  • mr_pouit's work-items will have to be re-distributed, he'll be busy with RL during most of this cycle (ochosi, 15:47:20)
  • astraljava will take a look at improving xfce4-display dialog this weekend (ochosi, 15:47:39)
  • madnick is in process of forking unity-greeter as "xubuntu-greeter", which means we'll (hopefully) have a fully-fledged greeter for 12.10 (ochosi, 15:48:18)

New ang emerging items

  • Alpha-2 milestones is during next week. Releases are always on Thursdays here in the *buntu-land. I'm gonna need to send a decision to the release meeting this Friday. (astraljava, 15:49:51)
  • LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/870297 (hobgoblin, 15:52:36)

  • The team decides to release Alpha-2 (astraljava, 15:58:24)
  • ACTION: astraljava, pleia2, knome to write release notes (astraljava, 15:58:41)

  • Next Xubuntu community meeting at 27th of June, at 15UTC (ochosi, 16:02:50)

Action items, by person

  • astraljava
    • astraljava, pleia2, knome to write release notes
  • bluesabre
    • bluesabre to send email to our MLs calling for translations for lp:catfish-search
  • pleia2
    • pleia2 to review "target audience" as "marketing target audience" on the Marketing page
    • astraljava, pleia2, knome to write release notes

People present (lines said)

  • ochosi (104)
  • astraljava (36)
  • pleia2 (20)
  • hobgoblin (12)
  • bluesabre (10)
  • meetingology (6)
  • Unit193 (4)
  • ubottu (1)

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