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This is a draft of the release notes for Xubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Alpha Releases

These notes are a work in progress, and are not meant to be anything more than a draft for the actual release notes.

Alpha Notes

  • Micahg has done several bugs to sync the latest Xfce packages from Debian.
  • xfce4-notifyd conflicts with notification-daemon
  • Alpha1 images are very much oversized
  • Firefox 5 is in alpha1; Note firefox version including stable or beta in release notes.

Alpha1 Release Notes

  • No significant changes were made for Alpha1.
  • alpha1 images are too big to fit on a CD. Please use either a DVD or USB to install this development release.

Alpha2 Release Notes

lightdm replaced GDM as the login manager.

xarchiver replaced file-roller due to nautilus dependency with file-roller. This will allow testing xarchiver to determine how well it fits the requirements of Xubuntu.

leafpad replaced mousepad; mousepad needs a maintainer in Xfce. This will also allow Xubuntu to drop xfprint4, which is used only by mousepad.

epdfview has replaced evince as the default pdf viewer. Fewer resources required by epdfview better fit the needs of Xubuntu.

Users must select a session when logging in the first time. If no session is selected, the user will see the Ubuntu wallpaper, and nothing else. In this case, go to a tty using Ctrl+Alt+F2, login, and type sudo service lightdm restart. Now the user can login again, and select the session.

  • GTK3 itself will probably be on the CD due to some shared apps, but Xfce is staying on GTK2.
  • squeeze is still using thunar-vfs and isn't really maintained upstream anyway at this time (not installed by default)
  • Alpha 2 includes the 3.0-rc5 kernel which is based on the latest mainline release candidate kernel at kernel milestone freeze kernel. This is an update from the v2.6.39 in Alpha 1.

  • User must choose a session when logging in after an installation or upgrade. (799754)

  • Live system and installs use the wrong default settings for background images, indicators, and others. (803499, 804734)

  • Live session can not be started. (799238)

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