Brainstorming and discussion


  • Increase the amount of developers/uploaders
    • [skellat] Pursue full packageset permissions or only package-specific permissions
  • GTK3 indicator support
    • Patch indicators to support Xfce components as indicator-sound does (e.g. indicator-power, indicator-datetime, session-menu etc.)
  • New applications in the repositories/seed: MenuLibre, Mugshot

    • [skellat] Anything else that can be cherry-picked from Debian?
    • (noskcaj) Certain 4.11 components are going to land in Experimental instead of Unstable which will block them making it into Testing for autosync
      • (micahg) We will only take the 4.11 components that support the GTK 3 indicator stack or the ones that were previously approved as minimal risk and desired, anything else needs to wait as we don't want to be stuck with a hodge podge of unsupportable stuff for the LTS
    • Status/Health Check with Xfce as to 4.12. Landing for LTS or not?
  • Working locking with light-locker (get rid of xscreensaver for good)
  • [unit193] Create a new installable "xubuntu-core" metapackage via adding to the seed configuration file found under once the T seeds are created by Colin Watson

    • [skellat] Do we want this solely as a metapackage or do we want to generate a downloadable image with product manifest too?
  • Investigate xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin
  • Investigate if we can still get python3 only on the iso
  • See/ask if we can apply GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=Xubuntu
  • Support Xfce with finishing/releasing 4.12
  • Consider including xfdesktop4.11 (is already to be found in the xubuntu-dev 4.12 PPA)
  • Consider dropping the bottom launcher panel in lieu of e.g. whiskermenu

Artwork, community, marketing, website...

  • Community wallpapers package
  • Finalize and publish the website theme refresh
  • Update Wikipedia and other major sites with relevant/up-to-date information
  • Communicate more towards users; more blog articles by the team members and guest writers
  • Better social media presence (more administrators per outlet?)
    • Contact the admins
  • Separate process-related stuff from Strategy Document
  • Do we want to promote 64-bit images by default?
  • Improve reporting


  • Keep documentation up-to-date with new applications
  • Expand documentation?
    • [skellat] Include section on signing Ubuntu Code of Conduct
    • [skellat] Look at what can be adapted from Ubuntu Manual for re-use
  • Cooperate further with Ubuntu Documentation Project umbrella organization


  • Automated testing
    • Image testing - aimed at first 'milestone'
    • Package testing - what apps do we want testing at a minumum, (anyone in 'team' that can move that on)
  • Manual testing
    • Images - dependent on automated; at least for milestone testing (including upgrade tests)
    • Packages - base on general cadence testing? roll our own? (if the latter then input from all needed)
  • Change to post install tests - new tests to replace current - new software post-install and new hardware post-install
  • New apps etc. (indicators for instance) testing - information needed for people to install to test. Sufficient time to allow for testing.
  • Use social media outlets to call for testing in addition to -devel list (- also include the -user list at milestones). How much leadtime to get that out onto social media - who to ping.
  • Use for more QA blog articles. Especially just prior to milestone testing

New Ideas

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