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The inclusion of a standard set of games has been requested of the general community and this page has been constructed in order to review games proposed by users through the mailing lists.


Who doesn't love a little solitaire?

Use cases

  • John just installed Xubuntu and is a bit timid. He finds the games included with Xubuntu and starts to play. As he plays, he is able to learn his way around the desktop environment and starts to feel more comfortable with his new Linux install.

  • Bob is bored and wants some entertainment. He tries one of the games included with Xubuntu and falls in love with it - he plays at least once a day.


  1. Draw up list of proposed games.
  2. Draw up list of requirements that games must meet to be considered. When creating the requirements, the goals and intentions of the Xubuntu distribution project must be considered.
  3. Review packages to ensure quality.
  4. Create a final list of games that will be proposed to be included in Xubuntu. The final list must contain games from a variety of different genres, meet the Xubuntu game inclusion requirements, and meet the main repository inclusion requirements.


  1. Create a MIR (Main Inclusion Report/Request) for each game we wish to include in Xubuntu if they are not already in main.
  2. Modify the seeds to include the games in the default Xubuntu install.

Proposed Games

The following is the current list of proposed games.

Status: Drafting

Puzzle games

  • Rocks'n'Diamonds
  • Mirrormagic
  • Enigma (needs Lua)
  • Lmarbles
  • Icebreaker
  • Xdemineur
  • Xjig (8-bit visuals only)
  • Pingus


  • Nexuiz
  • Xgalaga
  • Xsoldier
  • Xkobo/KoboDeluxe
  • Powermanga
  • Penguin command
  • Abuse-SDL
  • Defendguin
  • Maelstrom/SdlRoids (or Agendaroids/Vectoroids)
  • Barrage
  • Boom + FreeDoom gfx (no need for shareware wad)

Board/card games

  • PySol

  • Xmahjongg
  • Xpente
  • Baduki (Go)
  • Cgoban
  • Concentration
  • Xpat2/xfreecell (or PySol if python is not a problem)

  • Xarchon
  • Hangman


  • Circus Linux
  • Super Tux
  • Scavenger
  • Bobobot
  • Xevil
  • Xrick

Arcade games

  • Frozen Bubble
  • xJump
  • Rock dodger
  • Koules (8-bit X visuals only)
  • Xbill
  • Battalion
  • Tower toppler
  • Lbreakout
  • Xboing
  • Ltris
  • XJewel
  • XWelltris
  • CXHextris
  • Xlogical
  • GemDropX
  • SDL_paradroid/Freedroid

RPG / strategy

  • Xnethack
  • Nethack
  • FreeCiv

  • Crimson fields
  • Lgeneral


  • Liquid War
  • Xscorch
  • Xpilot
  • Luola
  • Heroes
  • XBlast/X-Bomber
  • Double Dash


  • Tux Racer (whatever current alias)
  • Scorched3d
  • Xinvaders 3D (wireframe)

Unresolved issues

  • Defining final game list
  • Moving final game list packages into main

BoF agenda and discussion


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