This is the todo -list for the Xubuntu website for Pangolin.


  • home/

  • about/

    • What is Xubuntu?
    • What is Ubuntu?
    • How does Xubuntu differ from Ubuntu?
    • What is Xfce?
    • How does (X)ubuntu differ from OSX/Windows?

  • tour/

  • help/

  • press/

    • Needs updating with 11.10 links
    • Clean up!!

  • mission/ --> about/

    • Needs review and more testimonials
    • Copy content to front page and about/ and refresh content

  • links/

    • Try to include these in the other pages or the footerbar.

  • shots/ --> about/

    • Include shots in about/

  • glossary/

    • Do we really need this page anyway? I'd rather link to some page that explains all this, so we don't have to maintain. Critical 'terms' like Xfce should be described somewhere else on the site anyway.

  • getubuntu/ --> getxubuntu/ or get/

    • Needs updating for Oneiric release

  • contribute/

    • Remove the images, create a normal list of the teams (with images if wanted)
    • Rethink the subdir names too

  • contribute/qa_bugs_testing --> contribute/quality

  • contribute/translating --> contribute/translations

  • contribute/advocacy_support_documentation --> contribute/support

  • contribute/development

  • contribute/marketing

  • contribute/documentation

    • To be added

  • developertools/

    • To be added
    • Links to important sites, like the wiki, Launchpad groups, etc...

Rewrites needed







Translation plugins

  • WPML
    • Not free
  • qTranslate
    • No role 'translator'; multiple title-textboxes on editing a post
  • xili-language
    • No role 'translator'; Complex and ugly interface
  • Transposh
    • Free, Decent UI, Supports Latest Stable WP Ver

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