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Add inxi to the seed







Inxi is a system information script written in bash, supporting many options.

The cost

  • Dependencies: gawk hddtemp libsensors4 libsigsegv2 lm-sensors mesa-utils
  • Total installed size: 3351kB

The benefit

  • Support
    • IRC: Asking someone in #xubuntu to run inxi -Gxxx -c0 | pastebinit in order to get the

      • graphics card, what driver it's using, what version, and some additional information would be very useful. Some other common options are as follows.
      • -r for repositories

      • -n / -N for network information

      • -S for general system information.

      • -s for sensor information.

      • -p / -P for partition data.

      • -M for Machine data (vendor, product, bios, etc.)

      • -f for CPU flags.

      • -F for full output.

      • ..and others. To get more detailed information, you use the -x or -xx options, and -c [number] to change output colors, 0 for no color.

    • Forums: This could also be quite useful on the forums, you likely wouldn't need to dump the information in a pastebin.
  • Easy tool to get various information about your system.

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