Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-11-07

  • Packaging, Development
    • xfce4-indicator-plugin fixed in oneiric-updates for some open issues
    • micahg did some syncs from debian testing
  • Bug Triage, Testing
    • All testing will now be coordinated through the QA ISO tracker, including daily testing
    • New process for images... if you break it, you fix it, and you get 3 hours
    • We will start our daily testing between 24 and 28 November
  • Website, Documentation
  • Marketing, Artwork (knome, 22:37:53)
    • madnick works on Plymouth and lightdm to create a nice booting experience; we follow the artistic specification created for Oneiric
    • ochosi has created a dark style for xfce4-datetime-plugin; a patched version is available for testing in the shimmer PPA (thanks to mr_pouit). You'll need Greybird from git though.

Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-11-13

  • Packaging, Development
    • Merged new upstream release of xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin from debian testing
    • Uploaded to oneiric a SRU for exo to fix mailto: helpers
    • Uploaded to precise a fix for a crash in xfce4-power-manager, the SRU to oneiric will follow this week
  • Website, Documentation
    • Website sprint to follow next week
  • Marketing, Artwork
    • Mostly planning... And trying to get GTK3 stuff to work

Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-11-21

  • Packaging, Development
    • mr_pouit updated a few packages (micahg, 21:34:01)
    • ristretto 0.3.0 is now in precise (micahg, 21:34:11)
    • gmusicbrowser 1.1.8 should be coming after alpha 1 (micahg, 21:34:45)
    • edii and knome worked with menu management UI, the specification is complete, but to be written
  • Website, Documentation
    • The website sprint went well.
    • ACTION: pleia2 to send email about next website sprint time

  • Marketing, Artwok
    • lightdm greeter is in progress
    • Settings UI for lightdm is finalized
    • Bluebird GTK3 is in slowly progressing

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