Xubuntu Yakketty Yak 16.10

Known Issues

Installer Issues

  • Various issues with virtual machine can show up.

General Issues

  • (792085) Automatic remount of safely removed usb 3.0 drive

Xubuntu Issues

  • (1631964) Password needed twice restarting from suspend on specific hardware.

  • Thunar: we are aware of issues with Thunar crashing with, amongst others, renaming, copying and drag drop. The issue is being looked at upstream. Currently we have patches applied to Thunar, which while not completely fixing the issue do ameliorate it.
    • (1311926) Thunar file order changes when renaming

    • (1512120) Thunar crashes on file renaming

    • (1514912) Thunar crash while copying

    • (1540186) Thunar crash while dragging and dropping

For general issues with 16.10 please see the Ubuntu release note.

Changes and Bug Fixes

Updated Packages

  • Xubuntu Changes

    • Mousepad
      • Fix tab width related crash (1472690)

    • inxi
      • inxi does not display all partition data (1617075)

    • Thunar
      • Add upstream bugzilla patch to reduce crashes on file move.
    • xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin
      • New upstream release
      • Use dm-tool instead of gdmflexiserver for user-switching
    • lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings
      • New upstream release
    • xfce4-dict
      • New upstream release
    • xfce4-weather-plugin
      • New upstream release
      • Remove negative sign when temperature is rounded to 0 °F
      • update API url for Yr.no service
  • General Changes

    • Linux kernel 4.8
      • Xubuntu 16.10 is based on the Linux release series 4.8.
    • The gpg binary is now provided by gnupg2.

    • LibreOffice has been updated to 5.2.

    • Update Manager now shows changelog entries for PPAs too (253119).


Major application versions

Other Application Versions

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