Yann Hamon

I'm actually co-founder of the french-speaking locoteam with DavidLarlet.

I'm 22 years old, 3rd year student in computer science at a french/german institute: Isfates



  • I started the Ubuntu-fr Locoteam by november 2004 with DavidLarlet. I'm the webmaster of it's dedicated website with him, and we try to get the different teams (Rosetta, wiki, forum, planet) coordinated. We also are in constant contact via mail with a lot of companies involved in Ubuntu, trying to see what Ubuntu can do for them, and what they could do for Ubuntu. I'm also the president of the Ubuntu-fr not-for-profit organisation since April 2006.


  • I've been advocacing for Ubuntu in the following events:

Ubuntu Europe Paris' Cluster

We started in august 2005 to collect money for a new server for the Ubuntu-de and Ubuntu-fr locoteams; due to the success of this action, we have now set up a small cluster of 4 servers in Paris, and decided to propose hosting to the other european locoteams.

Other projects I'm involved in


  • Stands for "Association pour la Promotion de l'Internet Non Commercial", a french not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the idea of a not commercial internet. It provides hosting for other not-for-profit organisations and other non commercial websites. I'm member of that organisation for about 4 years, and am administrator there for 18 months now.



  • Jetable.org is an antispam solution; it provides disposable emails. For example, if you want to use a service on a web site that requires a confirmation through email, and you know that this site will sell your address to third parties; with a disposable email address, you can confirm the link that was sent, yet you won't receive any advertisement that would be sent afterwards. I'm webmaster of that website.


  • Some friends and I used to write some articles about programming and algorithms, we put them online on www.mandragor.org under a free licence.

Contact me

Email: yann at ubuntu-fr.org

Jabber: yann@jabber.fr

irc: Yann2 on #ubuntu-fr@freenode


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