My name is Chad Self and I've been using Ubuntu for about a year now. I have used other Linux/GNU operating systems in the past and did not like it much. I've tried out Mandrake/Mandrivia, Opensuse, and Fedora Core. I think Ubuntu is the best and real easy to set up. Its the first Debian based OS I've tried. I currently use it as my main OS on both my home computer and my notebook. I am considering trying it out on my media center pc but I'm holding off on that. I have also setup a few friends with Ubuntu and they thought it was awesome as well. I decided to join this group so I can meet others who love computers and love Ubuntu. I am A+ Certified as of September, 2009. I am very new to this area. I was born and raised in Midland, TX. My family and I moved here in September 2009. I realy don't know anyone around here yet. I am very interested in any community involvement with Ubuntu I can get into.

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