Yuriy Kozlov

I am a college student in Massachusetts, USA. I am a Kubuntu Member and part of the Kubuntu Community Council.

My Linux and Development Experience

I have been using Linux with KDE for the past three years, mostly Kubuntu. I would like to contribute my skills to these excellent projects. I have been helping triage Kubuntu bugs on Launchpad. I have been programming since I was 11, but mostly in classes over the last 6 years. Most of my programming experience is in Java, but I did take an introductory C++ course, and have recently done some work with Qt in C++. I know Python and PyQT/PyKDE from my Summer of Code 2006 project. I also have experience with MIT Scheme and XHTML/CSS. Some of my programming, 3d modelling, and web design projects can be found on my website at http://www.yktech.us

Summer of Code 2006

I participated in Google's Summer of Code 2006, working on a project for Kubuntu. I created KControl/KDE-guidance module for wine. The goal is to make it easier to set up and run windows applications such as games on Kubuntu using wine. The spec I am working on for this project can be found here: KDEGuidanceWineSpec. This utility has been included in Kubuntu since the Feisty release.

Massachusetts Team

In spring 2007 I helped start up the MassachusettsTeam Ubuntu LoCo team. The team has since become quite active and was approved by the Ubuntu Community Council in November 2007. If you live in the area and would like to help advocate Ubuntu, please contact us and join the team.


I participate on Ubuntuforums, Kubuntuforums, TechIMO, and Anandtech as GameManK


I am regularly in #kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-us-ma, #ubuntu-bugs on Freenode as yuriy


I have a website here with some random stuff I've been working on: http://www.yktech.us

I also have a blog at http://gamemank.wordpress.com which is on Planet Ubuntu.


Wiki pages I've contributed to:


I've been to a few free software conferences: Ubucon NYC Feb. 2007, FossCamp Oct. 2007, UDS-Boston Oct. 2007

Current Activities

I am mostly doing various work for my classes, including studying computer graphics and operating system "design. I am also building a couple of websites. I'm trying to keep up some involvement in Kubuntu (most recently I've been working on Adept for KDE4 and organizing Hug Days). I am looking for a job or internship for this coming summer in software development.

Kubuntu Goals

I want to help make Kubuntu a polished operating system based on KDE 4. Right now that means testing KDE 4 and porting Kubuntu utilities.


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